This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1

Good Morning All,

#10DBC #freedomplan

Its been quite sometime since I have written, I am writing from my little sun room in Fairhaven, Bellingham Washington over looking the water in my new home, and new life!

I have had writers block for a time now, mostly because Just A Gurl Blog was mostly about dating in Vancouver, my opinions, local people and trends.. I have had quite a shift in life, and have joined writing groups, art groups here in Fairhaven to try to find a new revamped blog and lifestyle. This will take some time, In the meantime, I have decided to join Natalie Sisson's 10 day blog challenge.
I was following Natalie way back when she came out with her book, which I loved and I was to join a 30 day challenge, however working to live, struggling in Vancouver always left me too busy to find time for anything. Most times I wrote late at night with several glasses of wine, stressed out due to not being able to sleep, the outcome was a very funny blog, now its time to get serious! So here we Go!

Finding Your Focus

Day 1 Challenge: Take some time to think about your biggest challenges, then list down 2-3 of them and write a few lines about why you think they are holding you back.

Time Management- This was always my challenge, I now have an extraordinary amount of free time, while not saving the world of coarse, however in my brain, which is somewhat ADD, I tend to take on too much at once, I feel that if I make myself overloaded, I can refuse emotions or situations that may be difficult for me to address ( there are many) I need to quiet my brain.

Technical Difficulty- I am pretty media savvy, however when it comes to technical writing, I have difficulty, I most times have several editors on my back list when I have to do something professional- girlfriends , professional people all review most important documentation. This is because I am a exceptional Creative Writer and I write before I think, I think quickly and miss details quite often.

What Will I Be When I Grow Up? I have had my hand in almost every career possible, the longest is education, mental health & disabilities. I have always written and done art on the side. What brings me joy? I opened up my own company for a year, I gained 6 clients- I organized their life. In every way possible. I mean, mentally and physically- I redid their homes, I managed every hour of their day, I set new goals and expectations, I held them accountable. All were a success. I earned a sustainable income while running my company. However, I was too scare to focus my entire life on this passion, and well, it stopped. My licence ran out. I moved.

This is my focus! I have one year to make it happen. I have decided to start from the beginning, I have scrapped my over crowded website, and here I am, putting my focus on each day with Natalie for 10 days! Lets ROCK!#10DBC #freedomplan


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