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Scholarship Finished Project!

The meeting was held at Mainstream head office. I was excited because we had a guest speaker who was new to our association she was coming from Montreal, her name was, Cinthia.
During our meeting we went through the typical health and safety policies about how to make our residences safe and secure, energy saving costs, and new polices within our chapter.

Our guest speaker was going to introduce the “Can you dig it “garden ideas. Cinthia is the new director of this program and we were all excited to hear talk about her plans. The Can you dig it gardens is a community garden that we first started with our persons served in the community, with teachings and growth in developing a garden.
After training our persons served, they would learn how to integrate and tend to a garden into the community. Teaching being the nature of our program, we bring our persons served into community living, and invite the community into our lives.

Needless to say we were all very excited. Only a few selected re…