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Women's "Stuff"

Women's Stuff.. I don't know about you guys, but I am kind of in denial that I am actually in my 40's. Apparently in your 40's new things happen. First off, when you are in a committed relationship in today's world after you have actually establish that you are, medical clearance is required to have safe sex. I mean even his junk has to be cant go by"if it tastes like dairy" to think its safe. At 40, mammograms are introduced, thyroids are checked, hormonal tests have to be done, these are all tests to wonder why your girlfriend is going insane. Early menopause is now the talk of the town, thank god that was ruled out for me. Apparently at 40 your vaginal walls get thin, yeast infections and bladder infections occur more frequently, instead of facials, you will be giving your vagina a facial of olive oil and yogurt, or the new age"estrogen cream" Fun stuff, but not so fun in your panties, after a few days of use you feel like you have N…