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Dysfunctional Journal-Random Rantings

Even thou I am writing a new blog that is about purpose and morals and integrity, and the people I feel that reflex this,  I am not going to change my own thought process and what I think is downright funny-which is; my life and the experiences I seem to come across. So I have to always share..

You have a pretty strong personality on your hands here. People seem to think my thought process is quite here are some thoughts I had today.Lets talk about Facebook for awhile here.

You ever date someone once on Facebook, and then there is no chemistry but for some reason they are your friend and they comment on every fucking photo?So you see the notification, and you are like +shit what are they saying, about me?" you realize its just a stupid thumbs up. Another topic, you see your friend posing themselves half naked, and you think, shit they should really work out or something? I guess its what we are attracted to, my last boyfriend had a belly, but to me was a…