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Memorial Blog For Sushi Gurl

It was a long battle with Sushi Gurl..and now she sleeps.


Sushi was from a litter of 15, she didn't play like the others, in fact she just sat there. I think sushi was a quiet soul for most of her life.
Sushi had terminal cancer which started in her tail. It was 2 years of surgeries and medications. Last year she developed a tumor the size of a golf ball, this split open in the middle of the night, we had to have her tail removed.

The two years, she received a new bill on life and for the most part she went everywhere with me, Calgary, Terrace, Kamloops, Kelowna. I went to the vet to have her put down with a Dear friend who offered to assist me, I had not seen her for 20 years, After Sushi's tail removal her health went spiraling down, My friend felt Sushi had been threw enough and felt that because she was already diagnosed with cancer really, why should we be paying for more tests. Louise was right.
However my vet refused to put her down, he wanted to try medic…

NewFlash N RantZ (Summer 2014)

Here's a newsflash, Facebook is not real. It's for you to reconnect with family, friends, old high school mates and to report your live journal, sure if you want to occasionally. Facebook is the cause of most breakups, friendships and work relationships of today. It s hacked and prodded and looked into. It is simple put, absolute bullshit.

However it is a good media tool, eye grabber, even planner and all out hilarious if you use it wisely. You have the strait posts which are the do gooders of what they have achieved and the latest status on there daily goals. You have the porn queens of Canada, potty mouths and the latest completions or awareness campaigns.

Is your Facebook you- no it is not, you are the person that is typing the shit on there for sure, but this does not define who you are. When I go to work, I serve others and hold a professionalism of privacy and law abiding acts. When I work with children I teach and broaden there minds to be able to achieve anything they…

Unethical Statements From Around Town

All the things I can’t , you can't or anyone else can't say aloud. 

•Una persona

•Your dick stunk last time I sucked it. So I stopped.

•Thank you so, so much for allowing me to take 4 days off to help my family in crisis and then     decided to bring me in for a discipline meeting. I received you emails, phone calls and finally the   letter of dismissal.Quite frankly I do not have the time or energy to respond to your futile               attempts to bullying me. I hope you enjoyed your 4 month stay in France, with your fat ass,           your other managers have not had a vacation in 4 years and your clients do not have 1st quality equipment or necessities. I watch how you yell and scream to employees in front of staff and make well rounded people become bitter. Therefore  I am unavailable to your association, in the form of even a reply. maybe it has something to do with quality and worth in a better workplace.
•I don’t work for assholes,  you are a asshole.

•I am sorry I ha…

Single Awareness Day

So its now February 2015 and I can't not think about the big 14. Recently Single, or maybe I always was in my subconscious mind.

After 40, as I have said many times in my blogs, you tend to look at the whole picture.

Well this year it was like I was taking a re-evaluation of my life, rather than looking specifically at someone I would date. In fact I had no desire to even date. However when you are thrown into a dating situation, sometimes you look at the horizon with that person and sometimes you look at yourself- recently mine was both. I asked some very important questions to myself." Do I have time for this? No", "Do I want to do my makeup and get all gussied up?. NO" "Do I like all aspects of where this is going?" No

I know its a little self righteous isn't it? Well I'm sorry I fucking earned it.

Nothing like a good sex pot picture to make yourself remember how beautiful you, ha ha that's me! Some time has passed since that wa…