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Dysfuntional Journal....Bah Hum Bug & Innocent Are We

I told a worker today a breathful of stuff, mostly situations that occurred when I was  a single parent, because the topic arose.  The women, gagged at one point, and went to the kitchen, then said "how did you keep working" I simply said, " I had too'. I explained that I do have immense moments of sadness. I seem to attract sadness and sorrow in my life for many years-but I keep functioning and moving forward- this year has been the hardest year of my life and I am thankful that it is almost over and I have a new handful of friends to carry into the new year that are positive seekers and very strong characters.

In the movie "Love Eat Pray" Julia Roberts is told for once just to clear her mind and forgive herself. In the movie I feel she has nothing to forgive herself for.
This is the eternal grief a person carries, when they have situations in their life they have no control over.

In the Philippines, a child tormented by a demon can mean as simple as a c…