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One Month Done! As A Suitcase Boarder, 365 Days Rent Free

Well, I made it threw one month!

I feel I have set up how things will go for the next year and it feels good.

When I arrive at work a hour before work, and tell my story, people are wowed, and I have to say-If you really set your mind to something and have good people in your life who support you, anything is possible.

There will always be cynical people who don't understand or get it.

As one family member basically asked if I felt bad, for just staying at peoples homes and taking.

Well let me clarify what exactly this project is about.

Like many people in Vancouver we are working to Live, we are busying our life's with programs and fitness activities to feel a sense of wellness. Vancouver is listed the most expensive place to live. I repeat, Vancouver is listed the most expensive place to live. There are no perks to wellness in Vancouver, you either have the genes to get outside and do it on your own, or you pay someone or some program to get you to your wellness.

I have blo…