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Spring is in Vancouver

Today we reached 11 degrees In Vancouver, a bright sunny day. I ignored my workload, walked my dog on a long walk.. I thought allot. I then met a friend at Chai (East meets West) on Main street. Sultry Persian music played, babies with rosy cheeks, girlfriends chatting over tea, the smell of cinnamon..

As I listen to the life experience's of my friend, I felt I was missing a huge part in my life..Travel. This meet helped me re-focus and re invent my mission, no matter what.

I was feeling quite lost the last few months, My mum getting older, my little companion and thinking about what I would do if I lost her now. Sushi my fat butterball pug. seems like a hopeless thought. But really its not.  My friend just picked up and left, 3 years teaching diving in Maui at 21 years of age. Thailand long term treks..and when she was all said and done, she settled her goals on her own space..and re-building walls, revamping a vintage home and still manages to do fitness.

She has a …

Chalet Edgar 49

What do you get will 11 women, A cabin on a mountain? Adventure!!
Mount Washington is a quaint, but very popular resort on the Island, 20 minutes outside of of Comox.

The girls were from Naninmo, Victoria, Duncan,, Nanoose, Kootneys and lastly my 2 women from Vancouver.

After two weeks of straight work for me and my girlfriend, this trip looked like it was finally going to happen. The other girlfriend met us at my house and couldn't be happier to get the fark outta dodge and leave her divorce proceedings.

Extremely exhausted and grouchy the three of us headed out to the ferry terminal. The driver of the trip, and my best friend was insistent on opening the wine on the ferry already.

I was like "no, you can just wait," " Just one glass she says" I insisted no, and good thing too because we had several things to pick up in Naninmo before heading out. Once in superstore I look over and her eyes were totally bloodshot.

On arrival two hours later, the games began, d…

Letter 270

Robot: "This is the Vancouver School Board , calling for ...Laura VanGenne, "We have a substitute position available, to hear the job description press 1"

Laura can't move, arms, core n legs are not available..delete.

7:00, 8:00, 9:00..."Your mailbox is full, This is the Vancouver School Board, Special instructions are: We have a substitute position available: Hi Laura, this is Denise, you will be covering for me today, please follow ESL instructions for AM class, at noon you will be with my autistic boy teaching life skills in soccer" We hope you can make it!"
"Hi this Karen from Simon Frazer, we need your behavioral services at ____________house this evening, please call to confirm."
"Hi Laura we have a shift available, for 3-11, please call to confirm-you are our last resort.
Hi Laura,
(Howe Sound), "We need 24hr shifts for this weekend, we realize you are not orientated but you come highly recommended i…