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Resolutions..and all that crap


Hope you are all well and rested after New Years! I had 4 days off, how wonderful! I went to Whistler I slept, and I got rid of all my shit.

Speaking of shit..Every year people make New years Resolutions..
I know I have, and guess what? most times they don't work. I do one thing every year, I make Vision Boards, and last night I did all four!! They really work! I started them a few years ago, and I always have one thing on the board that arrives in the time period I place it as such. You can also write yourself a big fat cheque and stick it to the ceiling on your room.
It has been a ruff 24hrs, I am detoxing from all the crap in my body, I don't know how people do it, the detox, I feel like crap despite my fabulous energy levels-I drank the organic lemon, maple syrup and Cayenne pepper all day-The drink tastes OK, once...but you are required to have 6-8 glasses a day! The last 4 months have been take out food, and treats, alcohol coffee and cigs, tension and stress, since summer…