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Let your light shine, threw the Bullshit

Who am I? This is the never-ending question. In brief, I was a single parent of two who worked a lot and had struggles. My financial hardship came to a head in 2007. I lost everything, I wrote about it, including the stream of hilarious dating scenarios I went on in Vancouver Canada, I went to therapy, stayed with a friend who supported me, and I supported her threw her divorce. I started to reinvent myself in 2015 when I met my husband and we started dating, I worked at a private school in Chilliwack, made a new life, tons of great friendships, who are still very special to me today. I also at that time, took a fitness course and got some what fit. I took part in taking seniors for walks and I loved it.
When it was time for me to be with my husband, I decided to re-write the script of my life. This was no easy task. Career  change and identity change, for me was the hardest thing to do at age 49, because my 10-year profession was not recognized in the USA, it offered very little pay. …