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Self Embarking Journey

Over the last two years my obsession with travel has now provided me with a wall of maps;  flyer's, travel books and learning new languages. I spend my time, creatively thinking of ways to save and ways to get there and why I want to go and what is my purpose and different reasons why I want to go.

The idea of teaching in China, was not really much supported, and now I see why. The plan was not really thought out, "do I want to teach in China?" After much research and looking into options, well sure on a short term contract. The idea was not really thought through, like many of my ideas. Fleeting ideas, "I'm going to be a Astronaut!" I am going to join the RCMP!

OK the wanting to be a Astronaut clearly was a ego booster for my self, that I can do anything, and I can!

The hard reality of wanting to be a Municipal Police Officer was the realization of:  "why should they pick me over all the athletic graduates …

The Rules

In all my writings since 2007, there is no time like the better than to recap The Rules. Seeing as spring is near. Dating in Vancouver is about as grand as being lonely in Seattle. It's hard games out there.

I thought I would take the time to reflect some important rules when dating on the Internet and also getting out there in the jungle. Be forewarned, there is a new set of rules that have developed in Vancouver...
The book is coming: Its called The Man Rules

This will be a field study I have already been doing. I have a few males who have already stated their "Rules"
I'd like to share now, one profile I saw on POF who clearly has his own set of rules, It states he is not looking for a relationship, as he has one..and well here it

I am a working professional in an open, long-distance relationship and would love to meet new people to either paint the town red or stay indoors with a bottle of it.

Thus, the following applies to only those who are open to the Intern…

The Last:-)Speech

It's been a while, I have had a very busy last month, no shortage of stress I can tell you all that. I have been writing here and there.

This weekend was Easter, I sent the typical gifts to the kids, worked mostly, but did get away to see my family in Ferndale US.

This Easter has made me reflect on family quite a bit, so I am going to reflect on reasons why you should not wait to say I love you, should have that yearly reunion. This is the dawn of death, for the baby boomers and our youth this generation has taken a turn for the worst in many different scenarios. About 60 % of teens are dealing with stress that an adult in there mid 30's is dealing with.

You read about teen suicide in the media, sometimes you see it first hand in your career, sometime a friends child has a accident. When it is your own child, that as a illness, sickness...relapse. your world dies in that moment.

You want to say everything you can possibly say and hope that they see, sometimes they don't a…