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Sex Politics and Logistics...

Well, you know he's a good man if he buys your tampons, that's all I can say, especially if he's a mans man, and buys your tampons.

Dating in Vancouver can be pretty tuff beans on a women, as I have talked about for the last 10 years.
You never know if your going to be stuck with the bill, asked to do "Dutch" Pay half or if the man has 5 other dates lined up for the week.

You get pretty daunted with hopelessness, and fear that you may be alone forever. Is he into you? or is he waiting for the next best thing?

Did he actually pursue you? Now there's a question. That means did he see you and make a attempt to date you? cause this is pretty dam grey in Vancouver. This means, you did nothing. You did not hit him up on chat, you did not find him among your friends, your friends did not pressure him to meet you or you meet him, He actively sought ways to try and date you.

Sometimes we date our friends, and realise all the reasons why you were only friends in the f…