Let your light shine, threw the Bullshit

Who am I? This is the never-ending question. In brief, I was a single parent of two who worked a lot and had struggles. My financial hardship came to a head in 2007. I lost everything, I wrote about it, including the stream of hilarious dating scenarios I went on in Vancouver Canada, I went to therapy, stayed with a friend who supported me, and I supported her threw her divorce. I started to reinvent myself in 2015 when I met my husband and we started dating, I worked at a private school in Chilliwack, made a new life, tons of great friendships, who are still very special to me today. I also at that time, took the fitness course and got some what fit. I took part in taking seniors for walks and I loved it.
When it was time for me to be with my husband, I decided to re-write the script of my life. This was no easy task. I was going threw career identity change, because my 10-year profession was not recognized in the USA, it offered very little pay. I never give up on life situations, I …

Celebrating Freedom Day 10

Whoot Whoot! Day 10!#10DBC#freedomplan

I completed the challenge! I am very proud of myself for keeping a ten day streak.

Day 10 Challenge: I want you to think back to the journey you’ve been on in the last 10 days. I encourage you to read through all your posts to celebrate all that you’ve written, learned and experienced as part of this daily blog challenge. And in today’s blog post, I want you to write about:What you enjoyed most about your experience of taking part in the blog challengeYour favorite challenge day and whyThe biggest takeaway you’ve had from itThe next step you’re going to take to make your freedom plan a reality
What I enjoyed most about my experience with this Blog Challenge;

When trying to find new innovative things to write about, and stay within modern times, this can be challenging in itself. I enjoyed reviewing other peoples blogs to see what I was missing and learning different styles and new technology. I love education, and I feel this challenge was a actua…

Day 9 #10DBC #freedomplan : Location Independance

Good Morning Cameno!#10DBC#freedomplan
Day 9 Natalie's Sisson's 10 day Blog Challenge;  To  Imagine you are on a long holiday in Portugal (or wherever your dream destination is). There are castles to explore, secret bars to discover, and sunny beaches to laze around on. In today’s post, I want you to write about how you will balance your adventure and work while you are away on this holiday.

My Holiday: I have booked an Air BNB on a family vineyard, the place is on a cliff buff, and below is the very blue ocean, this is in Spain. I must feed the farm animals as its part of the stay, this includes chickens, goats, a few sheep. The schedule requires a early rise, to take care of the animals. The family has left me with some names of locals to meet, so that I can get a feel of the culture.

I wake up to the humid air and ocean breeze, I have decided to convert my two hours of exercise into caring for the hobby farm, put this into the plan, as to not disrupt my routine. I am finish…

My Day Adventure-Trying something I have never done!

Day 8 Challenge:#10DBC#freedomplan 
The Challenge From Natalie Sisson : Like I said, today is a fun day. So I want you to go out and do something that you’ve wanted to do for a long time. Go out play, enjoy, and come back and write about what you did. Also, write about how you can make such adventures part of your new lifestyle.

Life is about adventures and stepping out of your comfort zone. This weekend I was to spend it on Cameno Island, celebrating a 10 year anniversary and my birthday with close family. My husband will be away on my actual birthday.

I explained that I had this blog challenge, and that I had to create a adventure. I was surprised!

My husband recently bought a bike, and his cousin (brother) bought 3 bikes. We have agreed that myself and my husbands cousin wife would be riding by March 2017, classes are  set up for the end of September. So this weekend, my brother in law surprised me!  with bringing some bikes he had just recently bought. In hopes the women would get …

Imperfect Action

For today’s challenge I want you to pick one imperfect action that you can take every day that will move you closer to the life you have envisioned. It could be 5 minutes of walking or meditation, or even just continuing the momentum of this challenge and keep writing 200 words a day on your blog. Pick that one imperfect action and write a post about why you chose the particular action and what you imagine it will be like if you do it every day for the next 30 days.#10DBC#freedomplan

I wish it could be as simple as those three words, I guess it really can be that simple.

My Procrastination:

I have the ability, to leave things, to know where I left off on each thing,  by the end of the day its all squared away. You guessed it, Squirrel- I have ADD. I am the best multitasker there is, I do pay attention to detail as well, everything is neatly organized, just partly unfinished.

My Overwhelm:

The fear of success been a evil seed in my being for many years. After being in this challenge it is …

Finding Your Tribe

Day 6: Find 1 or 2 people who are living the kind of life you want to live, and whose tribe you’d love to be part of. Then write a short post about why you find them inspiring and the one question you would ask them if you met in real life.#10DBC#freedomplan
This was a challenge indeed! In this challenge we have to go beyond Natalie, reach for the stars,  I have my 3 superstars; Natalie, Seth Godin and BrenĂ© Brown .  I have my home town mentors and superstars to me personally, originally all from Vancouver BC.  Then I have my closest family and my new community. The larger Tribe the better I say!

The Number One Person I'd Have In My Tribe, is Natalie Sisson.

I have been following this lovey women since she launched her book! I was at one point, so close in meeting Natalie at a book signing, but I never made it.  I have asked Natalie questions in the past, will you write a blurb in my book. I have asked questions over the years, that most people ask Natilie.

I downloaded The Suitcas…

Day 5 Challange: Daily Success Plan, I 2 3..GO

Good Morning!#10DBC#freedomplan
Day 5 Challenge: Create a daily success plan for yourself that takes only 15-20 minutes and schedule a time in the day where you can squeeze it in. Write a blog post about what you will do, when you will do it, and how it will get you closer to your dreams.
I am going to be real here, I am not a morning person during that lovely time of month that meets women every 28 days, in fact it is during this time, where time stops for me. However. We are on a Challenge here, A Life Change...giddy up and here we go. 1,2,3...GO

Well, I have a lot of time on my hands, kids are grown up, husband works all day, I've committed to a few things for myself which has not really been done yet- It is hard to release 25 years of stress to be quite honest. You may think what the hell is she complaining about? When your body runs on stress 24/7, the body needs time to heal. I have been tired, fatigued. Scattered.

A typical day in past, was prep my meals in evening, up at 6…