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Colors & Textiles

You ever have those dreams where its so real you can taste it, It never happened, but you wake up feeling like it did? It's like juicy kisses that last so long and you can't get enough..I remember

Colors of a painting that are vibrant and just enter the canvas and next thing you know its something great...a simple day dream of being somewhere else, or just enjoying where you are. I have felt this lately. On a trail, snowy and whimsical at night, the snow glistens and looks feel like you are in a graphic artist movie because you cant believe how magical it all is, the cool air catches in your breath and you can feel a numb tingle to your cheeks. The snow on the trees make everything look like ice caves as you climb higher.
Once I enter the warm cabin of cypress mountain, and order my coco..there is a hub and a vibe that is so magical you wish you could just go to your cabin, and have a hot tub and be with someone special for the night.

.... Or the hot sand in your toe…

My Poop Smells Like a Bed Of Roses..

"My Poop Smells Like a Bed Of Roses"

The statement above would be from the princess that lives in downtown Vancouver, believes that "Tiffany's Jewelers " means the alter, and thinks that public displays of affection are inappropriate.

Not Me

Never assume in life you will never shit your pants, or that what may appear a cute little toot, may in fact leave you in a embarrassing situation. I shit my pants last year- The first time ever, I think that was enough to last me a life time. There are many embarrassing moments- and the new book I am reading most certainly has left me laughing out loud to myself.

A friend of mine, was called to go clean some police vehicles today..I won't say any names of
and found that she had to go to the washroom so bad, that she couldn't hold it for the 30 minutes it would take to deal with the police car- The nice officer took her to the very small policing office, with cement floor and ceramic walls.  After going…

Wellness...It's A Funny Thing

Sunday Jan 26th:
The TV has been off all day, Instead I have had the company of Mike Morrisette, Jack Johnson and Led Zeppelin. I have methodically packed, napped..ate..thought...and moved threw the motions of getting things done. The universe works in a funny wheel. Like the calm before the storm.

Sometimes in the most stressful times you can find wellness. You can turn ciaos into a new adventure..and this is my new adventure for 2014 coming to a head.

I had my tarot cards read, what the heck..there was a amazing man in them..wonder where he is?
There was allot of focus on travel, move and career..

I see clearly on many levels, why the move of residence has to happen..what needs to happen next. I had hoped for a deeper connection, and realized maybe I found it in a new friend, female..and wise.
Maybe the connection was laughter and silence on the water..the sun on my face..I really don't know.

My new landlords are pretty amazing, they know everything..the fact that my ceiling fe…