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Conversations Threw Text Messages-Part 2

200AM A person: Im paghila sa aking fucking buhok out!!! In google translater this is filpino language, and it means, Im pulling my hairs
Me: Really? Why?
A person: Ikaw ay isang punta!!! This means you are a punta Clearly this person is upset.
Me: So, how are you today? Lol Person: Sorry wrong number
140AM Congradulations your entry in last months drawing won you a free apple ipad! Just enter code 6040 at and tell us where to ship it.
Returned answer: ship it up your fucking ass-its 1am in Canada.
Matty:1200PM We are currently not speaking- Matty: Whats red and smells like green paint? Matty: Hmm, still not talking hey Matty well its green paint.
Me: lol
Matty: How much does a polar bear weigh? Matty : enough to break the ice, J
Me: geezz..working
Matty: oh good I got a smile Matty: ok, knock knock jokes.. The existentialist answered the door..whose there? Matty: hmm no answer Matty: well its Fin
Me: K seriously, im working Matty: Oh Hi! How are you?
JR: 1PM TGIF!!! What doing? Me: Wor…

People..Reasons...Why...Becasue...Hi, Im Back

I have come to terms why we meet certain people, and I do believe in the law of attraction.
If you walk around with sorrow you will see sorrow...
If you take advantage of will feel pain..
If you walk around happy and joyful, you will feel joy? Wrong.
People who are truly happy, you just know in their presence-it’s a wise factor.

Love is pain, anguish and lessons, trust and belief.
Understanding....Is being happy. Coming to terms with yourself is the start of happiness I truly believe.

I often live in a dream world where I am really someone else and, this really is not me, I am writing about this person that amazes me with her ability to cope and trudge forward and still smile, in most pictures. If I was asked if I was happy, I would have to say, I feel ok today-
Not sure about tomorrow, but that’s a whole other day away.

I know in my heart that everything will turn out ok.
I tend to be a caregiver so most times I see the good in anyone and everything.

In the past year I h…