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Positive Intention

Positive Intention
Wayne Dryer wrote a book with this title, great book, lots of great funny quotes in there. I have a vast selection of books, mostly geared for eentrepreneurial guides. Some of the books for example are; Ambition is not a dirty word, 48 laws of power, Blink, 7 habits...Why men love Bitches, oh wait..that's not one of the books!
So I am starting to re-read them all-fascinating.
Sometimes we work to live..and we work n work n work..and forget about living! I created a tool for myself with the thought of positive Intention- What do I want that is missing in my life, and what would give me a full life right now.
"I want to be very fit, I want to see my friends more, balance my budget, and see my mom more; I want to fall madly in love, I want to find my inner child and be silly, paint more, garden more.. Do creative writing, finish my book. 

 It all seems way too much, and really it’s about time management. So what do we do? We put it on paper, or try.. So I did a small funn…