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2015 First Week


Reflection on 2014.
 The Big Negative’s

I moved last year after my ceiling caved in on xmas eve and my dog was diagnosed with cancer. I had a breakup at the same time, 3 hits in one.

  Lots of change happened in my life last year. I went through a serious strike with the Vancouver School Board and found that my sources of security were depleted. It seemed that with almost zero income for 5 months the past financial issues came to my stress level at a head. The vet bills for my dog were running 600 a month.

 I worked odd jobs that were like going backwards in life, this led to more stress and unhappiness. The residential care homes I had worked for so many years, and endured bulling and hard negative people-again was once in my face. I put my head down and just got threw as many hours as I could to just make it through. The residents of the group homes were the same, innocent, void of their surroundings as usual.

I detached myself from a lot of friendships and hermitized most of t…