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Exploring...Week 3 Beginnings : 365 Days Rent Free, Suitcase Boarder

I decided to really take stock of this weekend to its fullest extent,  I needed some serious alone time and quiet time.

I spent Friday In Vancouver doing to some needed self care, I had allot of paperwork to deal with on my vehicle, toll fees, parking charges, all to renew the insurance-this took hours and hours, or so it seemed. I then went for wellness care, pedicure and foot massage, eyebrows the Happy Cheap Salon in the area we call Main street. Had a dinner at my sons restaurant. Was very lovely, but a long day.

 It was late when I headed back and I got pulled into the boarder for over a hour with long questions...Ugh

They asked very personal questions and I felt like I had done something wrong, I had nothing in my car, I work for Canadian federal government, back and forth everyday..I have stated the truth since I arrived..I don't get it. Sometimes they are just rude, like my friend forgot to give the guy the yellow slip and he leaned into her car and told her it …

Week Two of being a suitcase boarder, 365 days rent free

I absoluTly love this article I am posting, and this was very much tested with family members this week. The article is at the end of my blog post.

So it is week two of living as a suitcase boarder, and I was just starting to get used to the commute and my mum had a serious fall. The fall cause her entire face to be bruised and bloody, her mind confused. The fall caused a mini heart attack and her entire body to be bruised.

Everyone my age seems to be dealing with aging parents. For me this is the scariest thing that could possibly happen. I am not set up for it for one. I feel helpless most of the time. I also feel like I am finally free of responsibility except for myself, quite frankly I cannot care for anyone else. The week consisted of commuting way to much, trying to deal with the parking in downtown Vancouver, which was well over 100 bucks. How can they not have parking at the hospital? The congestion and fees all make me sick. My moms dog had to be walked twice a day, hospita…