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GVixens Bucket List..

In 2007 I did a bucket list after my horrible separation...
I did the list because I was inspired by a very prestigious man..Mr Big, he has been in past blogs.

As I am sorting paper work, getting ready to move, I came across this bucket list, it reads as follows:

See EuropeFly a plane- Took a lessons in 2009Dragon Boat race- started in 2011Own a 40k SUV- owned in 2008, sold in 2011Be debt freework abroad in 3rd world countriesDo a charity or fundraiser- done many from 2009 onFall in love forever, maybe try on the white dressWork for myselfGive back to the community, and be recognized- Community Gardens and Mental Health started in 2005Learn to SwimOwn a pair of Roller Derby skates and skate the seawallDrive a Moped in Paris, Italy Have a full family reunion; Harris, Gold, VanGenne, WallSee my sons marry and be financial sustainableTeach ChildrenGo to a nude beach and not be shy- started in 2007- go every summerBe a home OwnerCompete in a major sport or marathon- Did 5k in 2008, 2009, …

Remembering Jane

For You Jane...

Its 9am... I'm just here to check on you... No answer.. Its 9am..I try again... I probably don't want me in there..I know you don't like us anyway... Please open the door...
She opens the door from a very dark room..she is little..all she has is her cat I ask if shed like to take a drive.. I look for parking and she opens the door before the car is stopped... To pull out her change, for the poor man sitting there... We go back..and she hides...asks me if I am in love..she says she has never been in love.. don't know what it is.. She says..I gave up my baby..and she starts to cry... I take her hand, and say "its ok"..she gets mad, and she starts to cry..she takes a swing, but she cant hit, she don't mean no harm, she just don't know... what else to do about it..

She tells me... I'm gonna go away...gonna kick this shit..try again tomorrow.. She says...Never been in one ever wanted me.... gonna go a grand pl…

2012-New Adventures


I started off New Year's with some pretty big moves! I went to a New Year's party, where I only knew one person, the host. It felt good to be back in the loop-Downtown, movers n

I stayed a good girl, and minimized the drink met some amazing people, networked and went home by 1230. I met up with a old friend I admire, and it was good to see her smile again.

I was on another adventure, this one started at 3pm, before my work day.  One of the top venture capitalists in Vancouver held a intimate networking brunch in his million dollar condo off Stanley Park.This was called a Vision Boarding Party ;
People may call this visual scrap booking, however was much more than what you think as scrap booking.

The Host of this gathering was hosted by Ricky Shetty, from Networking with purpose.
Two gues…