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In 2007 I did a bucket list after my horrible separation...
I did the list because I was inspired by a very prestigious man..Mr Big, he has been in past blogs.

As I am sorting paper work, getting ready to move, I came across this bucket list, it reads as follows:

  • See Europe
  • Fly a plane- Took a lessons in 2009
  • Dragon Boat race- started in 2011
  • Own a 40k SUV- owned in 2008, sold in 2011
  • Be debt free
  • work abroad in 3rd world countries
  • Do a charity or fundraiser- done many from 2009 on
  • Fall in love forever, maybe try on the white dress
  • Work for myself
  • Give back to the community, and be recognized- Community Gardens and Mental Health started in 2005
  • Learn to Swim
  • Own a pair of Roller Derby skates and skate the seawall
  • Drive a Moped in Paris, Italy 
  • Have a full family reunion; Harris, Gold, VanGenne, Wall
  • See my sons marry and be financial sustainable
  • Teach Children
  • Go to a nude beach and not be shy- started in 2007- go every summer
  • Be a home Owner
  • Compete in a major sport or marathon- Did 5k in 2008, 2009, Warrior dash in 2011
  • Have a summer residence
  • Have a duck, a tortoise and a pig at retirement
  • Go to Tibet
  • Find my roots
  • Meet my Brother and Grandmother
  • Write a book
  • Learn to Ski
  • Drive a Race car
  • Finish my degree-started in 2011
  • sail a boat- sailed on a team in 2011, but not by myself.
  • Take a vacation abroad with my two sons
  • Go inside a igloo
  • see the dead sea
  • Have a monk bless me-This happened in 2009
  • Do Yoga- started in 2010, on and off
  • Hang my art for sale or in a gallery-this happened two years in a row at the culture crawl in Vancouver
  • Take a trip away with my mother- To her Mother Land
  • Own my own fishing boat, shit boat.
  • Die with great Teeth- Started in 2010
  • Create A must have
  • Own a pond with Koi and a secrets wall
  • Have something of value to leave for my siblings-done.
  • Own my own hot tub
From what I recall I was not finished, and looking at  it now, I feel I have not done or finished the most important things on the dam list, owned a SUV?? Who gives a shit right, it was a gas guzzler and I could not even park it properly.

Each item on your bucket list should have a life plan, for example;

Walking Running Jogging Bucket List

Sports to Try Before You Die
11. Run a 5k.- Gvixen is here...lol

12. Run a 10k.

13. Run a half-marathon.

14. Complete a marathon.

15. Run the Boston Marathon.

16. Run the Honolulu Marathon.

17. Run the London marathon.

18. Join the 50 States Marathon Club and run a marathon in all 50 states.

19. Become a triathlete (participate in endurance events consisting of swimming, cycling, and running).

20. Complete the Ironman Triathlon.

21. Walk across the Simpson desert in Australia.

22. Complete an American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk.

23. Hike the Appalachian Trail.

(Marathon de New York : Verrazano Bridge courtesy of Martineric.)

Do you have a Bucket List? Please share.
Gvixen, cant sleep


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