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“The severing of an established connection is exponentially more painful than the rejection of an attempted connection.” 
― David Foster Wallace

The New FaBuLous Yuppie Girl

I was raised with healthy food, meat potato's, veggies, good bread... all the things that the media says will kill you today. I have changed my food preference, but only because I had to.

I want to be the new Yuppie  Girl!!! God dam it!! If I eat this crap, will I look like them? Be radiant and happy all the time?..hmmm..probably not. However I can have this behavior, easy peasy..all good things happen when you have a great attitude.

I was running late today, my little lunch that I did have exploded in my  lunch kit-its between pay periods, I took a week off and feel like I am rubbing two bread sticks together because of not having my typical veggies for juicing, my fancy salads and wraps per day. I had frezzer defrosted turkey stew that had escaped threw out my bag.

She entered the room, with radiant skin, and yogi clothing, linen carefree pants, a cool long sweater top thingy..little fabric shoes, I was thinking to myself, she must not do what I do, as I sat in my cargo pants, …