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My Day Adventure-Trying something I have never done!

Day 8 Challenge:#10DBC#freedomplan 
The Challenge From Natalie Sisson : Like I said, today is a fun day. So I want you to go out and do something that you’ve wanted to do for a long time. Go out play, enjoy, and come back and write about what you did. Also, write about how you can make such adventures part of your new lifestyle.

Life is about adventures and stepping out of your comfort zone. This weekend I was to spend it on Cameno Island, celebrating a 10 year anniversary and my birthday with close family. My husband will be away on my actual birthday.

I explained that I had this blog challenge, and that I had to create a adventure. I was surprised!

My husband recently bought a bike, and his cousin (brother) bought 3 bikes. We have agreed that myself and my husbands cousin wife would be riding by March 2017, classes are  set up for the end of September. So this weekend, my brother in law surprised me!  with bringing some bikes he had just recently bought. In hopes the women would get …

Imperfect Action

For today’s challenge I want you to pick one imperfect action that you can take every day that will move you closer to the life you have envisioned. It could be 5 minutes of walking or meditation, or even just continuing the momentum of this challenge and keep writing 200 words a day on your blog. Pick that one imperfect action and write a post about why you chose the particular action and what you imagine it will be like if you do it every day for the next 30 days.#10DBC#freedomplan

I wish it could be as simple as those three words, I guess it really can be that simple.

My Procrastination:

I have the ability, to leave things, to know where I left off on each thing,  by the end of the day its all squared away. You guessed it, Squirrel- I have ADD. I am the best multitasker there is, I do pay attention to detail as well, everything is neatly organized, just partly unfinished.

My Overwhelm:

The fear of success been a evil seed in my being for many years. After being in this challenge it is …

Finding Your Tribe

Day 6: Find 1 or 2 people who are living the kind of life you want to live, and whose tribe you’d love to be part of. Then write a short post about why you find them inspiring and the one question you would ask them if you met in real life.#10DBC#freedomplan
This was a challenge indeed! In this challenge we have to go beyond Natalie, reach for the stars,  I have my 3 superstars; Natalie, Seth Godin and Brené Brown .  I have my home town mentors and superstars to me personally, originally all from Vancouver BC.  Then I have my closest family and my new community. The larger Tribe the better I say!

The Number One Person I'd Have In My Tribe, is Natalie Sisson.

I have been following this lovey women since she launched her book! I was at one point, so close in meeting Natalie at a book signing, but I never made it.  I have asked Natalie questions in the past, will you write a blurb in my book. I have asked questions over the years, that most people ask Natilie.

I downloaded The Suitcas…

Day 5 Challange: Daily Success Plan, I 2 3..GO

Good Morning!#10DBC#freedomplan
Day 5 Challenge: Create a daily success plan for yourself that takes only 15-20 minutes and schedule a time in the day where you can squeeze it in. Write a blog post about what you will do, when you will do it, and how it will get you closer to your dreams.
I am going to be real here, I am not a morning person during that lovely time of month that meets women every 28 days, in fact it is during this time, where time stops for me. However. We are on a Challenge here, A Life Change...giddy up and here we go. 1,2,3...GO

Well, I have a lot of time on my hands, kids are grown up, husband works all day, I've committed to a few things for myself which has not really been done yet- It is hard to release 25 years of stress to be quite honest. You may think what the hell is she complaining about? When your body runs on stress 24/7, the body needs time to heal. I have been tired, fatigued. Scattered.

A typical day in past, was prep my meals in evening, up at 6…

Superpowers, We All Have Them-

Day 4 Unlocking Your Superpowers 10 Day Blog Challenge#10DBC#freedomplan

Today's challenge is to write about my Superpowers!
Some Superpowers
Superpower-Hello! story teller, yes that's me,  creative writing, love to write about Adventures! At one point my blog reached 150K readers, So I must of been interesting, Let's be real here, mostly just flat out funny enough to keep people interested.  I love to take what I know or where I have been,  and write about it, or the people I meet, that have a effect on me.
The truth is about this Superpower is,  yes I am able to write about any topic, or thing at the drop of a hat, that does not mean its good. I want this Superpower to now be refined, and elegant. This means I will need to change my entire blog. A New Website, This will be Amazing!
Superpower-I absolutely have a gift with people, less fortunate, vulnerable people, children and youth and adults. Regular People, anyone really, homeless people, people with addictions. Peop…

Creating A Vision- The Perfect Day-

Day 3- 10 Day Blogging Challenge-#10DBC#freedomplan

The Perfect Day -

I am to write my perfect day,  how I envision the perfect day to be. So here goes.

I wake up and have a good snuggle with my husband. I actually get up today, because I had a great sleep and it is 6am, I love to be always the crazy one, so we would argue on fat reduced breakfast or fattening pancakes...Since I have moved to the states, I feel like I'm on the road to rich food, and lard ass. I truly believe I have been skinny my whole life because I was starving.

After all that is done, Id hit my trail for a short run. The trail is enclosed in ancient old trees, and it is quiet, I see bunnies and deer along my run, as well as other joggers. The trail opens up to the ocean with a boardwalk, along there are little beach embankments that are most often empty, I sit by the water and do meditation and a 15 minute Yoga, to stretch out my muscles.
Kind of…

Rediscovering Your Why-

Day 2 of the 10 day blog Challenge.

What is Freedom to Me? Why Do I want to live a life of freedom and how will this impact the lives of others, or how do I think it will?#10DBC#freedomplan

Sometimes when you scream to the universe that things are just not working, things happen. I get grief all the time from friends, why do you broadcast your life on line? I had one person stat that I was embarrassing talking about how broke I was, how life was just a shit show in Vancouver, I wrote several Posts called, 365 Days Rent Free, as a Suitcase Boarder.  I had just given up and refused to pay rent any longer for a year.  I put this in my blog to the universe and instantly my life changed. There is one difference, that people over look about me and hardships. I am a survivor, I am positive, and I know that it will always work out- ALWAYS. I banned relationships of any kind with men, I was fed up in that department also.

Friends opened their doors, I put things in storage, I worked odd jobs, …

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1

Good Morning All,


Its been quite sometime since I have written, I am writing from my little sun room in Fairhaven, Bellingham Washington over looking the water in my new home, and new life!

I have had writers block for a time now, mostly because Just A Gurl Blog was mostly about dating in Vancouver, my opinions, local people and trends.. I have had quite a shift in life, and have joined writing groups, art groups here in Fairhaven to try to find a new revamped blog and lifestyle. This will take some time, In the meantime, I have decided to join Natalie Sisson's 10 day blog challenge.
I was following Natalie way back when she came out with her book, which I loved and I was to join a 30 day challenge, however working to live, struggling in Vancouver always left me too busy to find time for anything. Most times I wrote late at night with several glasses of wine, stressed out due to not being able to sleep, the outcome was a very fu…