Creating A Vision- The Perfect Day-

Day 3- 10 Day Blogging Challenge-#10DBC #freedomplan

The Perfect Day -

I am to write my perfect day,  how I envision the perfect day to be. So here goes.

I wake up and have a good snuggle with my husband. I actually get up today, because I had a great sleep and it is 6am, I love to be always the crazy one, so we would argue on fat reduced breakfast or fattening pancakes...Since I have moved to the states, I feel like I'm on the road to rich food, and lard ass. I truly believe I have been skinny my whole life because I was starving.

After all that is done, Id hit my trail for a short run. The trail is enclosed in ancient old trees, and it is quiet, I see bunnies and deer along my run, as well as other joggers. The trail opens up to the ocean with a boardwalk, along there are little beach embankments that are most often empty, I sit by the water and do meditation and a 15 minute Yoga, to stretch out my muscles.
Kind of similar to Natalie Sisson, but that's what I used to do, never on a trail, and never by the ocean.  I was in a better frame of mind when I disciplined myself. So I need to utilize the fact that I have a gorgeous trail and ocean in front of my apartment.

I then would have a appointment with my physical trainer, this could be at a gym, outdoors or life coach.
10am, I would then go home and spend one to two hours on writing, and checking my email and setting my goals for the day.

Noon would be a meeting and lunch, possibly a brain storm on marketing ideas or research, with my amazing group of people who have joined me in work.

I would spend the rest of the afternoon, seeing people till about 3pm. This may include new locations, appointments, research, so forth.

4pm I'm in my Art Studio, for a hour. This is just a little house for now, surrounded by gardens. My Art studio is where I do all my own illustrations and marketing, my graphic artist may come by today to work with me over some tea. I am learning how to take sketches and canvas to computer, this is a must for my original work, and I have not learnt it yet. I also am learning how to utilize my photos and videos on my website.

Dinner time is made and spent with my husband, afterward we always watch the sunset with a short hike or walk.

We talk about our day and plan the week, and decide on our own adventures, this includes our community and projects we are working on. Currently we are on a homeless project in Bellingham, 751 homeless people, currently, with a high ratio of youth. We are researching projects in our community to be of help.

We also are involved in a soccer school for boys in Tanzania, and help in fundraising and creating sustainable income for the boys, the founder of this company, started teaching the boys how to build things, first chicken coops, doors and now guitars. So we are always thinking of ideas for new projects for our dear friend and hope to make a second trip, me included this time!

 I have launched my website and am working on a book. We may chat about the latest work. Talk about what we will work on.

We live 4-6 months away, from our home base, so we take a hour to discuss our next 6 months, or section of it. Our location is in tropical area, we have a small space there, this allows us to work in other countries, where we can do research and liaison internationally.

The last hours of the day, are spent reading a good book nuzzled up with my sweetie and our sweet cats at the foot of the bed.  May include some "Sexy Time", but the cats have to leave if that happens.

Soon we will have Napoleon, he will be here in a few years, he is a French bulldog and will be a character in a children's series I am working on.

 My little pug ( her name was fat sushi) passed away two years ago, she was my life companion, so we have agreed on a dog. After the travelling, or he may just very well come with.

I am pretty content, I gotta say. This is my perfect day!


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