Day 5 Challange: Daily Success Plan, I 2 3..GO

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Day 5 Challenge: Create a daily success plan for yourself that takes only 15-20 minutes and schedule a time in the day where you can squeeze it in. Write a blog post about what you will do, when you will do it, and how it will get you closer to your dreams.
I am going to be real here, I am not a morning person during that lovely time of month that meets women every 28 days, in fact it is during this time, where time stops for me. However. We are on a Challenge here, A Life Change...giddy up and here we go. 1,2,3...GO

Well, I have a lot of time on my hands, kids are grown up, husband works all day, I've committed to a few things for myself which has not really been done yet- It is hard to release 25 years of stress to be quite honest. You may think what the hell is she complaining about? When your body runs on stress 24/7, the body needs time to heal. I have been tired, fatigued. Scattered.

A typical day in past, was prep my meals in evening, up at 6am, eat, small workout, go to job one, dealing with trauma based children,then job two, outreach worker, home by 8-10pm, eat, do my agenda for the next day, possibly stay up late and write. One day a week with the boyfriend, Sundays volunteer at the YMCA, take a small coarse was thrown in there, meet with friends one day a week, check up on my mother and son. One day visit with my grandson, run on for two weeks, then pay bills, worry about bills not paid, and go the next two weeks. I had a office that was full of bright agendas and creative things in the works that never got done. I worried about a lot of people in my life.

Currently, there is no time schedule, no office, no work. I cannot go to Canada,  so I cannot visit mother son, kids. Not until my dual citizenship is complete. My largest concern right now, is working on my health, my mindset and looking after things for my husband until I do return to work, playing with the cats. I can volunteer, and have chosen a few- but not yet. Yup pretty sweet right? I am trying to become unconditioned to my past stressful life- it is very hard. It is like a homeless person winning the lottery.

The New Daily Success Plan

A)I will dedicate 2  hours to fitness in the morning. 6am to 8am, run meditate, yoga gym. It would be really helpful, if a few of my girlfriends would call me at 6am- Lets see who responds to that, and after two hours also- to see that I've done it.

B) I will set aside, 25 minutes of writing, 8-830- No one call me at this time. Finish one book. I have several that have started, I have not looked at my work for over 8 months.

C) One hour to work on my website.  9-10am- I have done zero marketing here in Bellingham. I will be working on this for that one hour. I also need to feed into my media outlets when the website is complete, advertise. .

D) The bulk of the day: 10-3pm
I am not allowed to work in the states yet, I can volunteer my services as  research for my company. I can also volunteer for my husbands company, where I will be working with young mothers in crisis, and other areas of need in Watcom County.

My consultations are free, "For a 6 month time period if you are the right candidate, I am offering you free service! Meet with me today...smiley face."

Therefore I now have several "free Consultations" in my email, I will pick 1 interviews and consult. I will schedule them. I will dedicate a 2 hour window, to talk on the phone, hopefully meet up. Working on my own, or my husbands company.

Getting Clear on what I do; I organize peoples lives. Its as simple as that- In slots of time, from home to lifestyle, clearer vision on dreams, wellness, fitness. This can be done anywhere. The physical organization is contracted out, which quite often is the home. The Management organization can be done from anywhere.

E) 5pm-8pm is spend on my husband, dinner, a walk- talking
F) 9-10 My time if I choose, reading research, more writing. Art is important to me, so 2 days a week is a art day.

There is a lot in the daily plan that I have not worked out yet, meal prep (its a big deal, type 2 diabetes and my husbands an athlete) Social time, My husband has a massive social arena- due to his title.

I feel this is a good start, I just need to start it. I think Monday is a good time. I will keep you posted on how it all goes. I think if I stick to this time schedule, I will feel like I have routine in my day, I will feel accomplished. I have never worked solely for myself, with my own interests at heart. I have tried to fit my own business in, on top of all my jobs, probably why it failed.

I have always served others. I realize over the years, there are parts of this that are me. I am a caregiver and I enjoy helping peoples lives.

I have had to break down the different areas of what I like to do. Do I like to work for a union, 9-5 and do personal care and whatever it takes to give a person quality of life? No, that time has passed. That was called burn out. I do however love working with men and women who want to make change and are willing to work with me to really change there life into a life of wellness. I do like creating beauty in chaos. I love finding out that a person is willing to try new things, and find things about themselves they never realized. I love problem solving. I love relationships with people.

This is what I love.

GVixen Signing off for the day!


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