Well I survived Survivor boot camp, and even Copat which is a correctional officer training coarse, even when the two ladies screamed.."get up maget!" I even build up my running last year to do a 3K 5K and 10K..Now Yoga..one person said...Yoga changed my life!

It changed mine two, after two session's I was on the toilet for hours with things coming out of me that I thought never would. I also couldn't move, sit or stand. The first class was great I slept for 1/2 hour before and 1/2 hour after..got through a few exercises and finished. The second one, was in a 110 degree room, I never thought it was possible for me to actually smell that bad, it must of been pretty bad because the guy next to me was making me pass out with his stench, so much I had to move. After 20 mins...I left, felt faint..

The lady at reception said you did not just walk out? they are like drill Sergent's..I said umm.hello yeah. Next time miss just lie down. Well its kinda hard to lie down when the instructor moves you in a position and taps your calf, longer..leaner..stay put and breath..The last thing i wanted to do was breath..or id shit myself..and then I wondered? Have I not had a proper bowel movement in 40 years? and to think I was going to try a detox tea..Id die.

I not fat, can keep up a good hike..I am however evidently extremely TOXIC..soo, I will stick to it-apparently I will be even better at sex! who would of thought!

I do have to say the mediational speaking and relaxing of the mind and breathing techniques while in the class, did give me the best sleep of my life and cleared the clutter.

Apparently on a 10 day mission of silence, you can actually feel your own breath on your nose-imagine what a fart would do!

So what else? Well I am going to do 6 more weeks of yoga, then I am gong to challenge myself and ski-I don't know how, but I want to be ready for a tumble.

Remember those talks Richard Simmons used to say? Its true you know, if you have a belly of fat you are carrying emotional baggage..release and let go...call your mother..lol
Do you notice we all take up excerise in the winter? I guess my time is here, so I thought Id share! I am also hopeing to do that rock climbing dating thing, anyone game?


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