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365 Days Rent Free & A Suitcase Boarder..What's New? October 2015

The Summer Plan...Well, it did not quite work as I envisioned.
Yes I sold all my stuff, Yes I lived rent free in the US..
During the summer, school staff typically collect unemployment insurance and work odd jobs declaring earnings. My plan was to work like a dog and pay off debt and save.
Well I worked for one month for Canada Post, got injured and was denied WCB or Postal Support- What a Joke.

I did vacation, which was the first in 5 years, I vacationed with zero money- yes it is possible. My Unemployment did not kick in till August ( Great Government System We have here)

I sold items in a US consignment store and lived off some of the earnings, I cashed in my dwindling Canada Bonds.I clearly did not think this threw.

OK...So September came, and the plan was to continue my 6 months in Hopkins...that did not pan out either. I calculated cost of parking in horseshoe bay. The daily ferry cost. The crazy playboy I'd be rooming with, and good thing I did, no work available till mid …