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Swinging From A Trapeze

Well the saga continues..from flowered shirts..Nice dinners and warm pubs, stuck in the cesspool of dating again.

Again, against my word and went back on POF. This time, I wrote almost nothing in my profile, stating I was unsure if I would stay on the site.I put up a plain simple picture of me at work, with shades on. I was impressed there were over 100 messages, mostly city workers, one even decided to write his entire life in a page, about his role to the city and  being a good father. Ugh Not interested. I don't even have time to date, and when I make the time..Its seems disappointing.

Lesson's learned you have to get out there and test the waters, not sure if I'm ready to actually go on a date after the last few, but nothing wrong with conversing. It is called experiencing life, and even thou I really want to share my life with someone..It clearly is just not in the cards right now. The good thing is I have booked myself for several events for Christmas, hired a physi…

Playin With The Punk Kids

...Playing with Toddlers..That would be a good title for last night, how ever its my sons friends old band name. I booked The Railway Club, thinking it was low key and ok for a Monday, We got a beautiful 20yr something, singing soft indie music, that was down right depressing like she was out of some horrid breakup..beautiful voice..just not what these old school Cobalt, Funkyweinerbeans kids are used to.
My son and his 2 hipster roommates appeared last night while I was getting ready, case of Milwaukee in hand.
Felix Climaxx made her appearance of coarse..

In our family we have tattoos, and our own personal burlesque dancers for random occasion, comedians, artists, girls who shoot guns and play with boy toys..its all shits n giggles in our family. Felix is my young sons best friend, she is lovely, and came out to the little shit hole apartment for dress up with her beautiful green/blue hair to celebrate the festivities and give me my next dance class dates and pin up photo shoot idea…

Love Affairs Should Be Forever...

"Love Affairs Should Be Forever", That being said, " Love affairs should be forever" we learn from our mistakes in relationships from new ones.
A man once said, "You want to talk about my 12 year failed marriage?"
If indeed you have been married any time over 10 years, kudos to you bud for keeping it alive that long.

I look back and find myself in past relationships bored, needed and codependent in the past- and once I lost everything, and threw most of it out and became self sufficient and realized I could do with less, and learned to like myself and love to be alone and enjoy friends and view my friendships loves from the outside and understand it!!!!   Well holy poop..It all makes sense.

In the last 3 months I have learned from several different partnerships. " A New Marriage" This one is quite cute, where the man has his guy nights and she has her girl nights, their agenda is a series of cute dates and they even have separate rooms, for even…
“The severing of an established connection is exponentially more painful than the rejection of an attempted connection.” 
― David Foster Wallace

The New FaBuLous Yuppie Girl

I was raised with healthy food, meat potato's, veggies, good bread... all the things that the media says will kill you today. I have changed my food preference, but only because I had to.

I want to be the new Yuppie  Girl!!! God dam it!! If I eat this crap, will I look like them? Be radiant and happy all the time?..hmmm..probably not. However I can have this behavior, easy peasy..all good things happen when you have a great attitude.

I was running late today, my little lunch that I did have exploded in my  lunch kit-its between pay periods, I took a week off and feel like I am rubbing two bread sticks together because of not having my typical veggies for juicing, my fancy salads and wraps per day. I had frezzer defrosted turkey stew that had escaped threw out my bag.

She entered the room, with radiant skin, and yogi clothing, linen carefree pants, a cool long sweater top thingy..little fabric shoes, I was thinking to myself, she must not do what I do, as I sat in my cargo pants, …

Get Ready ...For PROSPECT 5

This video is the foundation of why I started my own company, Years of Working in Residential Care and mental health, this routine is not only the normal..It is the heartbreaking reality of Vancouver- This life affects our love life..of temperament, our behaviors... December 1st my own company will be launched live and viral- Get ready for PROSPECT 5 stay tuned! Please Enjoy this video-it speaks volumes.

The Pogues - Love you 'Till the End Lyrics

Mean People..Gvixen on a Vent

I stat this quote on so many levels...because mean people folks, are just a fucking lesson to the higher road. I can be irritated, but I will never show this to my fellow comrades. I may tell the tales of the assholes I encounter in life, female and male, But I will never let this affect my behavior..shall we proceed with today's rant? lets.. move on., shit this may be a behavior right now.

I had a day were I encountered mean people, all day in fact. I have been known at times to be insensitive and have a tone that can be taken wrongly. Sometimes text messages come across wrong as well, however once I realize this, I am quick to adjust these messages and I can say, I have a good heart, good intentions and am kind.

Today, I met people who were not. I was assaulted at one of my jobs today. Temper in tact, filed a report and marched home and loved my dog. I then went on good old POF to do some cheering up, I have two interests that I have been chatting with. I see a old friend, who d…

I am 3

A wise soul said, you are 3 things...Brahma Vishnu Mahesh
The creator the preserver and the destroyer, you will continually change, like a wave.
or..the cycle will will create, preserve then destroy

There are three forces: Brahma shakti, Vishnu shakti, and Shiva shakti. You may have one of these predominant. Brahma shakti is the force to create something new. Vishnu shakti is maintenance and Shiva shakti is bringing in transformation, filling in life, or destroying.
Some of you have Brahma shakti. You may create well, but you may not be able to maintain. For example, you may make friends very fast, but it does not last long. There are others who cannot create but are good at maintaining. For example, people have long lasting friendships but cannot make any new friends. In such cases, Vishnu shakti is dominant. And then there are others who have more of Shiva shakti. They bring in new life or transformation or they can destroy the whole set up.
A monk a long time ago placed th…

Attention Deficit Disorder

There are some real qualities with people who have ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder.  You can get several tasks done at once. Persons are typically creative and thinking outside the box. I know this because I have it. I have a bright multi purpose resume. You learn to use it with age, but then again as I look at my wine, ..water..I wonder.

I am insanely funny to a normal person. Because I am insanely funny, the work day can been either funny or frustrating.

I am working with one of those people who thinks  "Squared"
A example of this is, "you stack the box from left to right, up and down, until you have a perfectly square neat tidy space. However, did they ever consider if you needed a box from the middle at any given moment? no, I thought not. I am in a cleaning job, a fairly difficult one.With long hours..My partner worked methodically from left to right until the two areas were sparkling clean.

I worked in one space..from books, to shelving to the bedroom flo…

My New Journey

I received my last paycheck from working in mental health on Friday. I decided to not go back, I received a letter on Wednesday stating they felt my decision was made under emotional pretense. It was not. Every day at work I hear about shit this company does..and as the picture above stats, I will not follow the chicken heads any longer.  Even though my own union wants me to make the mark, and take these guys to arbitration..I don't think it will be conducive to my health or to my new employment(bringing the stress in there). The union did call and ask that I recant my decision for the arbitration, I said "well do you think this will be their way to fire me?" They actually said yes, but we will fight it and you will only be labeled as fired for a short time. To hell with that. I was employed by 4 unions at the same time, and I have never had any grief at any of the fact they were sad to see me go and wrote me letters of good luck. I decided to leave it all.

Hormonal Dysfunction Crisis

I watched two movies the other night, one was wanderlust, a couple joins a commune and believes in free love, Jennifer Aniston sleeps with a partner first, and the other guy(guy from the hangover) just botches his chances all to hell, and then realizes he can't do it, he just loves his wife to much..the movie was so funny I was actually laughing out loud alone, especially the part where he is gearing up to sleep with a women on the commune and he says " I'm going to take my large testicle and slam it in the vag, vag here I come.." he goes on and on..I busted a gut. The second movie was  a love story, two young adults..dam should not have watched that movie! It had the first petting session, make out session..and it was rather hot, and I thought Jesus Christ, when was the last time I actually felt like that? it was like a dam hour of torture till they fucked, and then it was shit, cause they were virgins..dam it. I want that again..kisses like strawberries and biting…

Spring Clean Up

A great Monk once told me, when  a person can truly understand death, they will understand Life..they will die with no pain, no suffering. This apparently means bliss. Recently I have seen death, the actual procedures the body goes threw when the body shuts down, I am still understanding this.

Sunshine Cleaners-watch it

So I clean it. I take pride in the task, and  I have to admit today was a little shocking to view at first. It is always quite interesting when the person in charge says, "here is the key, and gives a description of the maze in the building that I am apparently supposed to find. Clean the mess and voila, nothing happened. But it did.

There is that awkward moment when a looker passes and sees you. In a suit, with a mask, possibly caution tape.What are you? Do we have bed bugs? Hey are you the cops?."Hi,  Spring Cleaning, nothing to see" I was stopped in 7/11 today by two guards, "Trauma? you?" "That is one tough gig" I felt very proud…