Mean People..Gvixen on a Vent

I stat this quote on so many levels...because mean people folks, are just a fucking lesson to the higher road. I can be irritated, but I will never show this to my fellow comrades. I may tell the tales of the assholes I encounter in life, female and male, But I will never let this affect my behavior..shall we proceed with today's rant? lets.. move on., shit this may be a behavior right now.

I had a day were I encountered mean people, all day in fact. I have been known at times to be insensitive and have a tone that can be taken wrongly. Sometimes text messages come across wrong as well, however once I realize this, I am quick to adjust these messages and I can say, I have a good heart, good intentions and am kind.

Today, I met people who were not. I was assaulted at one of my jobs today. Temper in tact, filed a report and marched home and loved my dog. I then went on good old POF to do some cheering up, I have two interests that I have been chatting with. I see a old friend, who deleted me for some unknown reason-we had gone on one date, which was uneventful , however I did enjoy the date.

We re-exchange numbers, and I tell him I was disappointed with the date, meaning no chemistry, he pulls a god dam ninja on me.
deletes me, tells me good bye..and is actually a total asshole, the worst part is understanding why a person does that. In the text  messages I said he was cute, I said I enjoyed being his friend, I said I\d like to have him over for movie night, apparently he felt I said he was inadequate. Well, I just found are you are inadequate you fuckhead. you are a angry person and don't deserve my time. you know who you are.
Angry little chef man

no its not the milkman, the baker, its the angry chef.
and that's what he looks like too. Then it just swells larger...the evening swells into a bunch of angry men this week, so I felt a need to write or rather vent about it.

I have another POF male friend who also was odd this week, he helped me allot, and I know he has a very kind heart..this week, he meets my friend, he seems horrible at first time appearance. no smile, Happy Hello, I mean, my freind is hot, cute and going home alone-and my firend did message her once with my refferal, and instead he pulls a lameo grouchy appearance? Unacceptable.
This week he deletes his Facebook, says rude text answers on my random chat.
WTF is going on? so you haven't got laid, so you got dumped, your job sucks..its fucking Monday
who the fuck cares, you know we attract negative energy to negative attitude right.

I dispise these type of people that bring my day down. I have a friend who I reference all the time, because to me hes a god dam god, my Italian (yes sorry your in here again) I have seen this man go threw some real hard shit, with family with himself, with almost no income, but when he enters any room he has a huge smile, he always gives me that smile and a massive hug, and if I had my friends around he would do the same thing. 

There is one thing about being pissed off and another with projecting it into the universe.
for example, if I meet my Italian for coffee, I get the hug, smile double are you? tell me whats going on then, only them, he may say with a smile " oh well this week was shit" and go into a story, but by then its just a funny story. 
Unfortunately my Italian would also say something like, "It's all relative Gold, get a nice corner swing for the bedroom, find yourself a random fuck and enjoy the new pleasures of sexual pain threshold" "all that negative will be out the window" Explore your outer limits Gold" 
Sigh..yeah hes also a kinky fuck, and me...helpless romantic. This would of coarse be said in his best attire, a expensive cup of the best Italian American, without the slightest flicker of hesitation of humor.

I was so angry by the angry chef, I went into my massive 200 messages on pof and thought, fuck being nice, lets just message the fucking lot of them.

"Hi , I appreciate your interest, however I have no interest in you, or dating for that matter "
I hope you find what you are looking for, unfortunately its not me."

I sent this to random messages that had complemented me or some other crap for them to attempt to get laid. This site was supposed to be cleaned up.
I specifically stat on my profile, "Looking for someone to marry" meaning long term relationship, yes this can be dating at first, all leads to the same path.
however I had several messages that said "not looking for any form of commitment or relationship"
so what is that? the fucking proper way to say, Hey I just wanna fuck, ?"
Is it not a dating site?Grrrrr

The worse part about coming to terms that you are in the friend zone on a dating site, is when the guy says"I think I'm depressed and just need sex" Go fuck your dog..seriously???

I think its relative to say, I am pretty secure with my sexuality and can please myself just fine to get threw the week and don't need a new drama in my life to think that maybe I am worth just a little bit more than a dam hole for you to use, I appreciate the fact that you feel as a friend you can tell me your sexual inadequacies, but its all in the throw down.

Back in the day, around the year 2000, no duffis said this shit, if they wanted to get it on, it was a elated attempt at kissing the other women , then mad sex against a wall or something, and then you could have bragging rights saying oh shit, I just fucked my friend. I did have this once, Ricky Nashville, dam that was hot...again..gone to the wind..what am I doing wrong ladies please tell me with the massive frustration!!

Recently at a wedding I met several men with partners. One women in particular almost made me cry at what she had to say in her drunken stupor. This women is absolutely stunning, her man is of average, OK actually he is a short Italian balding man with massive charisma and charm.
As everyone was gathered, she said "these are the men who love you, adore you that you don't quite see, and if you do you are very lucky"

I forced myself to converse with the brides new husband, a few of the bridesmaids partners..and it was the same..these men were not stunners..these men all had flaws to the naked eye..these men were all beautiful.
romantic men, wonderful sickness and in health....

I sat for part of the evening..sad and alone..where is my Bart Simpson?
I was mildly entertained by a new Mr, a man that was a uncanny resemblance to Fred Flintstones, the energy this man had was as granular as the sweat from his brow. Who the fuck let such a charismatic man go?
this quickly got me out of the lonely wallflower syndrome I was feeling, I especially felt this because I was locked up in a chateau with a half naked male model walking around. OMG, this man who stayed in our hotel room was indeed from the making of Mr Right.

Do you remember that doll? with the perfect hair? who said and did everything perfect?
that's who was in our house, I remember specifically on the upper loft looking down to see him clad in a towel..tanned hairless skin ripped to perfection, glowing white teeth. Yes I had to endure this VA Jay Jay pain for 5 days of hell. I think I would rather chase Mr Fred Flintstones in a onesee around the chateau. He's large, wonderful and doesn't give a fuck. I have some insecurities...just saying, it was painful. The worse part, was he was, wow nice, sweet..
like cant you just be a asshole? then I will not feel so bad knowing there are actually men out there like you!

Right now, I don't want to try, I don't want to put on all the fucking makeup the dress..heels..go out of my routine..unless its with girlfriends that value my time, like sin city..I have never been, I vowed I would never go there after a man I dated sent me his photo in a corset I was repulsed. Then working the taboo show as security, I saw the same man in a leather cock holder prancing around at the show.NOT.

However..maybe this is something I need to do? I am definitely not a prude. I am old school, yes there is a difference. Two of my friends really want me to go. It would be better than theater I am assuming. Maybe for once in this horrible dating spree I will see a man with some actual balls.

I say this due to one specific conversation I recently had. "Don't you ever just go after what you want?" I said no. " Oh I assumed from your dating you just took what you wanted" No.
I do not chase men. This is the confusion on dating sites or otherwise..I do have a sexy appeal, a little dominant, I do have tattoos. The only time I have ever in my life taken control of a sexual situation was with a women. I am not a lesbian, but I do appreciate the one ness of women and in tune we are.

I do like the idea of a man taking control and being a leader(old school) I am not a starfish, I repeat, I am not a starfish. Once this first agenda is established I have no problem initiating sex, fully on my own. 

I do not know why it works this way, it just does. I did take what I wanted in a past relationship, but this was because the man kept petting me to the point of exhaustion. That would be special K, so I asked him to have a PJ party with me. and we did.:)

This 2qm convo and two glasses of wine is getting far to graphic. Maybe I am frustrated.with the entire male population. 

fucking surprise me already..
Night Gvix signing off.


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