It is official ladies; all the good ones in Vancouver are gone! What do I mean by good?

As I have said countless times, if you are waiting for the knight in shining amour, he died in the 1800’s and raped and pillaged probably before he got to the princess. If you are going to keep at it I suggest you leave your helmet on, because I can guarantee you will bang your head many times! It’s all good; it’s for the learning part of things.

I recently had a few spectacular dates with a man-We had dinner, talked to homeless people, and non-homeless people, walked in the misty rain. Held hands. Twinkle eyes and pearly whites. The type of arms that kids adore. Bear hugs.. Furry chest hair, and everything manly, who..Is fresh out of a very long relationship. Damn

That is hard, when you see a reflection of everything you want and need- that has the drive and Motivation that you do, but its timing. This man is from chivalrous times, I am from modern times
It’s a perfect comfort –almosT

The knight of 2009/10 comes in many shapes and forms, keep in mind he is still dead and still
Rapes and pillages. It was the way of the times! Today the knight may appear perfect, BMW, Good Family..Generosity..But I ask, who is of the deserving? Can we honestly say that the young women of today are deserving of such a man? The times where you dated for a period of time and then got a ring are long gone!

Today women pick out there ring and if it’s not satisfactory, meaning 20% of your yearly income,Than well, he’s just not the knight is he? Lol
The average Joe mind you-don’t be fooled. He too can be misleading, works hard and treats you like a princess, but what is the price you pay?

Sometimes I truly think I am a man, and I definitely should be wearing a suit and picking up the tab on the 20 years old “want to be me” !drinks, because god dam it I’ve earned it!
For me, it is going to take quite a man-I have professional photos, why? Because I have taken the time to feel beautiful, not for you to google over. When you meet me you will see an average tomboy. And on a good day, sweats and a pigtail, Yup that’s me and I don’t give a damn!

Compliments are hard for me, I’ve worked very hard on being the hard working male/and mother role The fact that I still get ID'ed is priceless! but still-that’s good enough for me.

I would love to do a show called find my knight 60 days. How much fun would that be?
It would be like taming the shrew, I have never tried a wedding dress on-I always thought it may give me a rash- the true thought of a wedding lies deep in my heart, but I am scared to death of the emotional vows and all the mushy stuff that comes with it-It’s a scary world out there-so keep the helmet on.

I met a fabulous lady named Marge-God she was beautiful, she had horn rimmed glasses on. For a moment I thought she was having a moment of lostness, she was only having a cigarette.
Outside a club known as Numbers- as me and my date walked over, we had a chat! She asked how we met, and said we were fabulous, as we were! Little did she know, in a few days afterward I was about to be a train wreck!

I see it will be back to the gym and teeth whitening for me, a preparation of summer- gRR

I haven’t given up, he’s out there-I just won’t play battle of the sexes. I have to say this dating thing with the combination of my blog has definitely boosted my ego, given me depth and also possibilities-

The worst part of everything is I don’t want anything; I don’t even want to try! I feel like I put in my time But yet have these moments of relapse. I guess I should go to Yoga again or try the ten days of silence in Mission BC; cause my brain won’t shut the fuck up! I need a holiday!

I can’t wait to see Mr. Chivalry again, we have a late date at a martini lounge-the wall is up and I am ready for battle! Take those green tempting eyes elsewhere! I will have the most fabulous time.. And bid my goodbye for a time, I have seen this road far too clearly-the worst part he’s magnificent!

My Helmet is On, when you bang your helmet sometimes it is important not to leave a bruise,
And if you do remember it goes away in a few days, now if your helmet becomes magically Gold overnight..well now there’s something, you won the battle!

Last football game I attended, compliments of Mr Big: November 2nd 2007; Notra Dame vs. Navy, Chicago Coach Charlie Weis came out and said, and I quote “Everyone wants to be a part of something special” Navy fired its magnificent blue jay jets across the air in hopes of a fabulous battle, truth was they hadn’t won a game in 22 years, well 2 years ago they did, the game went into triple overtime, the Notra Dame university families cried as they watched the game turn for a worst, to tense to triumph to relapse, and in the end, Notra Dame acknowledged that Navy indeed outdid the battle and they were honored to have played such a fabulous game!

Its all about how we handle our battles...


  1. Hi GVixen -
    So I'm sure you have already considered this but why make it all so complicated? If I was dating you even after a long term relationship I would first and foremost want to have fun and get to know you. It seems you may be a little fearful when you dont need to be, you are a cool chick. If it takes a while to get "there" with a guy, so what, just have fun and if you get burned... big deal dust yourself off and get back out there. I know it sounds pretty simplistic but why shouldn't it be? Good luck see ya on POF

  2. I love how this person writes, you see I saw her photo online and yeah she's gorgeous then I read her stuff and I was blown away by the way she writes, the life she has lived and the courage to put it out on display...I needed to meet this person. You see I am the man she calls Mr. Chivalry, a moniker I am flattered to have but mostly undeserved.

    The story of the date and the connection is accurate, the chemistry and fluidity of it is all so easy, but there is always two sides of the story...Here is a little from my perspective. I have just recently separated from my wife of 15+ years, I have two small kids. The marriage was probably over long ago, but I was committed to my family...but that's another story and doesn't belong here. So now I'm recently separated trying to protect my kids from the turmoil and at the same time ready to test the dating waters... instantly this woman stands out in a crowd of average...I reach out...send her a note about her writings, how honest and painful and remarkable they are, fully expecting to be ignored and she reached back...I was stunned. Here I am the shell of a man I used to be reaching way above my head, and she grabs my hand, gently at first, we chat online and laugh a lot, at each other and together and finally decide to meet. She's more amazing in person and her blog only begins to tell her tale...I am fascinated by this woman, fascinated...what she see in me is any ones guess but I'm grateful.

    There are a thousand reasons why we should not be together.... she's 3 years out of her last serious relationship, I'm 3 months. She works afternoons, I work days. Her kids are almost out of the house, mine are almost out of daycare...and the list goes on but still we continue is spite of the complications... emotions, not the mind, rule the heart.

    I see Gvixen as this wonderfully interesting wounded bird tethered to a perch due to various scenarios life has thrown her way. Her wounds are nearly healed and her plumage is more beautiful than ever and the tether grows longer daily and will soon disappear all together. I know she dreams of Camelot, on a rolling hill far across the ocean, her wings will eventually take her there...I on the other hand, am this knight, fatigued by recent battles and weighted down by my armour and my conscience, knowing I must stay close to watch over the village I helped create. It would take me much longer to get to Camelot, if in fact I can get there at all, but when I hold her hand or look into her smiling eyes...I see glimpses of it.

    Am I Mr. Chivalry? Perhaps yes, perhaps no. The lover in me wants to hold her hand and be with her always, the warrior in me wants to pull her close to me to protect her from harm and the father in me knows the harm would most likely come from me.

    So Gvixen puts on her helmet because the game is worth playing and the prize is precious; there is no victory in the battles you fail to show up for... and me, I will be there too, visor lowered and sword drawn, but not to protect myself but those around me as that's how I was raised...It is who I am and will always be...but the twinkle in my eyes that Gvixen talks the reflection of her in them...and so the battle begins.

    XOX. Mr. Chivalry (or so I'm told)

  3. LOL, great story and I hope for your sake she buys all that over the top knights of the round table stuff. I personally would question her, or any other girls, self worth if she did. You are trying way too hard man and coming off a tad needy and smothering. Just relax a bit at least until your divorce is final or maybe even started. Date a few girls before whipping out the sword and slaying dragons for the first chick that shows an interest in you. Sorry if I offended, I hope you take it in the helpful tone that I am not sensitive enough to express in this little box. Good Luck!

  4. AAron,

    One day I hope you get the chance to really connect with somone...I mean realy connect.

    It's happened to me three times in my life and dating for the sake of dating is for people without enough quality people in their lives (my opinion only). My life is complicated enough and I have enough unbelievable friends to spend time with than to spend it with someone who only remotely interests me. If there is no "wow" factor...I'm not interested, I need more. I've met a lot "wow" women in my time that I didn't connect with... its the connection with people that makes the world go around. You see Aaron while a modern stud like you anxiously awaits for Gvixen's reply...The old fashioned guy like me dates her...and yeah she's as fabulous as you might think:)

    All the best to you and yours over the holidays!

  5. You crack me up. Who says "stud" and waits for a girl to call that is great!! Like I said good luck bro I honestly hope she falls for you but seems to me you're the one chasing and waiting on her. But what do I know because while Laura may be smart, fun and has her own cool blog I'm not the kind of guy that feels he has to convince a girl to like him. But hey what ever works for ya.
    Ok now I'm kids have fun now.

  6. Oh I loved the writtings of Mr Chivalry! Thank you for that, beautiful and sad and romantic!
    Aaron( couldnt pick a better name?),
    I call him all the cant even write right now..touched and blown away by the whole thing..laterz I will response..have to think about this one!
    Big Smiles

  7. I met a "Mr.Chivalry" once... remember to keep your eyes open for the facade we all put on when we meet someone new. A relationship of 15 years with 2 small children ending in a divorce???? Doesn't sound too chivalrous to me.

  8. Babbs,

    Good point however in this case, she ended the relationship..and he tried to savage the relationship for a year, It is a very mature break up and both are doing what is best for their family. We are good friends, and as Mr Chivalry moves forward, he is finding out the person he lost many moons ago I think. :)

  9. Wow. In my's 18 years next month, his salvaging was 3.5 months, and I didn't end the relationship...but yes, it's a mature breakup (at least until today).

  10. Ohh, Im Sorry..I didnt mean to discuss your private info in here, please forgive me..trying to respond as best I can..I am un aware of your full life tale, but every relationship that ends with kids is hard. All I can say is stay true to you, stay strong for your kids..and whatever you do, remember it will all make sence later, and if it doesnt he's bi-polar..Im joking..trying to make light here..that was the only sane conclusion that I could come up with with my X.


  11. Sorry sweetie as a guy I still say he is running game on you. "you're special so we should wait" pleeeeease, and now you are getting sucked into his personal drama and his ex wife is posting here.
    It's your road to travel and I wont fault you for that BUT if you do it blind folded you will crash.
    Good luck GV.

  12. Hi aaron, whoever you are..
    I am a big girl not 16, and am not getting sucked into anything, "your special we should wait?" who says that? certainly not my friend here, sex can complicate things and bringing feelings into a relationship too quickly at times..It is nice that Mr C did not pull any moves on me what so ever..It is like I was visiting a friend I have known my whole life.

    As for his personal baggage..thats his deal, and I have gracefully backed out of any more conversations which involve that. Your comments are such a delight, definatly brings trailer park boys to the venue and adds comedy and immaturity, possibly intimate
    LOVE IT..


  13. LOL! GV you are a fun chick!

    Methinks the lady doth protest too much and I must say excellent attempt at a turnabout by way of implied issues on my part. Does that really work on people?? Ok maybe simple people :)
    You sound a bit unsure of what to do next and you honestly think the drama is over and you're not sucked into it already? Sounds an awful lot like a situation a 16yo would get herself into. But as I said before its your road and you get to drive it. Even though it appears you are driving it at night in the rain with no headlights or wipers :)

    It's like watching a horse on the train tracks, everyone driving by knows what is going to happen except the horse.

    But please I was really only trying to help so before you unleash any more hate on me, ask some of your male friends what they think and compare my thoughts to theirs. BTW you would need to ask guys that actually date, no married guys or girlfriends.
    Or..... don't and we will all eagerly wait and hope I am wrong.

    I await your pleasant response oh loveliest of ladies.

  14. So I realized I should start reading GVixen's blog when I heard i was mentioned. She is one of the most incredible women I have ever met and I do love her! I always will! She always thinks about others and she keeps things on the logical side. Dont get me wrong she can be wild and exciting, but responsible and tame as well. I cherish her and I feel the same in return.

    Laura isn't one to be Won over, she is someone who deserves respect and royal treatment. The kind of gal you should put on a pedestal. Worship her and all her glory!

    If you cant live with that that you don't deserve her! I'm too young for anything to come of our relationship but she has taught me alot that I have taken to heart.

    Any man that chooses to proceed with her will have to show that he can be trusting, honest, loving, and of all things, definitive!

    Family runs deeper than just blood! Laura is family and i am always here for her and will always be!

    The young one!

  15. Very sweet D, Im a Big Girl..Dont worry so much! Glad you are doing so well!!

  16. Oh my goodness, I just re read this like 2 years, Aaron I now know who is is, and is quite a pleasant guy, just a blog follower..The young lad was a one night stand I thought was 35 and found out the next day he was 24..Mr Chivalry went back to his wife and kids as far as I know, and I moved away..and stayed single for quite some time. Reading this now was quite humourous to me..I should be put up on a pedistal..oy..all in good fun!


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