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Get Ready ...For PROSPECT 5

This video is the foundation of why I started my own company, Years of Working in Residential Care and mental health, this routine is not only the normal..It is the heartbreaking reality of Vancouver- This life affects our love life..of temperament, our behaviors... December 1st my own company will be launched live and viral- Get ready for PROSPECT 5 stay tuned! Please Enjoy this video-it speaks volumes.

The Pogues - Love you 'Till the End Lyrics

Mean People..Gvixen on a Vent

I stat this quote on so many levels...because mean people folks, are just a fucking lesson to the higher road. I can be irritated, but I will never show this to my fellow comrades. I may tell the tales of the assholes I encounter in life, female and male, But I will never let this affect my behavior..shall we proceed with today's rant? lets.. move on., shit this may be a behavior right now.

I had a day were I encountered mean people, all day in fact. I have been known at times to be insensitive and have a tone that can be taken wrongly. Sometimes text messages come across wrong as well, however once I realize this, I am quick to adjust these messages and I can say, I have a good heart, good intentions and am kind.

Today, I met people who were not. I was assaulted at one of my jobs today. Temper in tact, filed a report and marched home and loved my dog. I then went on good old POF to do some cheering up, I have two interests that I have been chatting with. I see a old friend, who d…