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Fitness Log..

After my trip to Terrace and receiving all the info from my dear friend..and eating the same dam meal for 4 days, and killing my male employees with turbo gas..I went off the beaten path. I was sidetracked..

I did some research and I can switch it up..So day two of back on track, I feel like I want to die.
I must of shaked my rump at the POF dance, my tush hurts, and I have bruises..WTF

I go to the gym, kindof unattractive, I do not wear makeup and I wear Boys cloths.
I typically have a look of pain on my face the entire time.

The thing is, I go to a gym that can sometimes have attractive people-UGH
If it was summer, Id just hike a dam mountain.

So I am sweating up a storm on the treadmill, and someone says"you gonna be much longer" Its my old trainer..and he looks ...I want to die. Guess that's why hes a trainer.
He says, I see you got a bit of ass going We sit down and I go over my written routine..He approves, and says, whens the last time you had someone giv…

Plenty of Fish Annual Dance Report

Well...POF Dance...
Yes I have some footage on video, that has to be edited, The location was swell..It was ugly night in the ladies department. That is without question. So..our table was quite popular. I will NEVER go to one of those things again. The Blasphemy and Boldness. I had a amazing time, considering I had something else on my mind all night. I scaled up the men in general, whoa..lonely hearts club..and well then their were the players..clearly some had too much to drink, I am not kidding on the ugly night. Hey everyone needs love thou right.

Transit was there, that was funny..the bus drivers of Vancouver all seem to be single for some reason..Out of Service means theyve had a bad night it seems, need to do a spin around the city a few times before they can deal with people again...and I will now quote my best friends story on Transit, These men should of been, Have a sit back its a goodie;

Why Mass Transit Can Never Save the Planet

By David F: It came to me t…