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Comment Reply from GVix from post: Fat Men

My response to the comments on my recent blog, Fat Men: The comments were awaiting my approval for publication and I have clearly sent them to the SPAM box. I am open to constructive criticism always. Constructive criticism may be in the comment form of a person saying, “Fix your spelling, and check your grammar”. Constructive Criticism may be a comment from a person that writes; “my opinion of this blog are a bit off the mark, because if you look at society today”; and then a fact to back the statement up. Please note readers, this blog is a personal journal of my own. The story’s I choose to write about may be about actual events and experiences I have had in my life, fiction or a combination of both. How you choose to process the story is completely your thought process, not mine, if you take the topics personally, you may have some baggage to work on. In my profile, it clearly states I have all the spelling errors of a grade 8er; however I received honors in English Literature and Cre…