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My response to the comments on my recent blog, Fat Men:
The comments were awaiting my approval for publication and I have clearly sent them to the SPAM box.
I am open to constructive criticism always. Constructive criticism may be in the comment form of a person saying, “Fix your spelling, and check your grammar”. Constructive Criticism may be a comment from a person that writes; “my opinion of this blog are a bit off the mark, because if you look at society today”; and then a fact to back the statement up.
Please note readers, this blog is a personal journal of my own. The story’s I choose to write about may be about actual events and experiences I have had in my life, fiction or a combination of both. How you choose to process the story is completely your thought process, not mine, if you take the topics personally, you may have some baggage to work on.
In my profile, it clearly states I have all the spelling errors of a grade 8er; however I received honors in English Literature and Creative Writing.
I read a book from the 70’s called “sic”. The author wrote an entire personal journal in unreadable handwriting, very hard to read. The story was a good one, and this is the format I write this blog in.
On a professional level, I have written in Mental Health and for talent, I am asked quite often to write a blog on behalf of someone else.  The other blog and work that goes with it take countless hours of editing; currently I have not had time to do so. I also am losing my sight- and quite often in text messages, and Facebook messages you will see an OPPS..I meant. This is freaking me out entirely, I have gone from 75 readers to now 200 readers, and there is nothing I can do, but wait.  Now you know.
As far as creative outlet,  I have tons and can write a subject in about 5 minutes, this all comes with ADHD; however my thinking is faster than my writing. This is why you will see fragments and poor structure, however if you viewed the content in a positive light-you would find my writings very funny.
The majority of followers, and most readers, around 35000 a year-think I am hilarious, and get pissed when blogs are in delay.

The blog to me is quick writing, the book with have an editor.
My 35000 readers a year I find for the majority , have a positive outlook and have come accustomed to my rants raves and horrid spelling errors, they find it humorous- I am sorry some of you are angry inside.
In defense of what you assume of my blog FAT MEN-
First and foremost-in the last 5 years I have specialized in obesity with Prader Willie and Cerebral Palsy, Down syndrome so forth, I have worked with nutritionist’s – and the persons I serve.
I have a heart so huge you could not even fathom, and I have grown to love my persons with disabilities and advocate on a daily basis. These persons I serve cannot help their weight problems; this could be due to genes, the disability or the medication. If I am critical of the overweight people in my life, your dam right I am-I love you and quite frankly I would like you around for a long fucking time. However this blog Fat Men was not about this topic, you missed the boat.
This blog was about making choices in who my life partner will be and not settling for less than someone who will remain healthy for a long time, so that the time they are in my life will be one filled with things we can do in common nature.
I used to think chubby was cute and quite often , still do, more so always attracted to a person with some meat-says that in the first sentence of my blog.
However my heart is breaking due to health concerns in the persons I serve, and persons I care about-therefore obesity has been a more prominent focal point for me recently. The last 5 years to be exact.
After training with one of the best health nutritionists in Vancouver, I realized I actually have a bit of talent helping people with their weight.  In past I never really cared about weight issues, much less thought about it, my mother  and family members were chubby and beautiful, all extremely healthy and active at the same time. I thought this was normal, and I had issues. I was called little fucking Ethiopian in high school, cause my legs had a horseshoe from being so thin, and well I have darker skin than the rest of my family.
I am also single, and in the dating world-I find an overabundance of males that do not take care of their health, this seems to appear on the internet-go figure.
The man I discuss in the blog, is a beautiful person, however I only date beautiful people. The men in my life have come and gone, and the reason is we were not suited. Or simply, they were an asshole. I always see the good in everyone, and sometimes I miss the bad. The man in the blog, specifically in this story, lost weight WHILE he was with me, because we were in love and active. He did not choose to lose weight-It happened on its own. Last I looked he was about 300 lbs., happy as hell, and if you read the blog-you would of clearly read the weight was not my concern.
Most of my X boyfriends are still beautiful inside and out, and yes, they have found women who love them very much, and are suited for them. I never criticized my x boyfriends weight, quite often loved them the way they were.
The man in the blog is not the only over weight man I have dated before, - therefore how do you even know who I am writing about? Furthermore, do you think it’s you? Lol, if so-get over it, it’s a blog.
It is true; I have been unhealthy for 20 years of my life-it is also documented throughout my blog.
I have smoked, drank, been sexually active at times and called the kettle black as I see it.  Personal slams will get you nowhere,  I am the queen at criticizing myself and do on a daily basis. Why? So I can be better in all that I do. Truth is I love all the struggles and shit I have gone through-it makes me who I am. I sometimes fart in public as well, no surprise.
If you can’t handle this blog don’t read it. I have 35000 readers a year, who support and nurture me and inspire me to continue to write.  Furthermore- topics with such grandeur bring people to read the blog-funny or not. How you take it is your choice and your choice alone. There are catch phrases that bring the audience to a read, for example;
-pussy…gvixen- This was a blog called “what’s up pussy cat?”
If someone goggles pussy- I come into that picture.
The word, Love affair- some women has a cheating husband and want to know how to deal with it, they type in love affair.
girl=gvixen, just a girl…”Love affairs should last forever”
These “Catch” words are often in my titles and subtitles and this is why the title Fat Men, brought 186 readers in one day.  The title sounds like a blog that is criticizing fat men. The blog is about a story of overweight men that I have come across in my life and have met with health concerns.
For the people that decided to comment on my blog that I was offensive to all men and women.

I think there may be some deeper wounds in your life.  I am truly sorry you read my blog and took the story to heart personally.

For everyone’s entertainment today, I made a trip to Chapters and decided to give myself a refresher coarse in in spelling and grammar, please note: I am an artist, not a professor. I also picked up “Driven” by Robert Herjavac. The book was referred to me by someone who actually gave me constructive criticism, when I asked for it.

The book will simply, help me kick your motherfucking ass in so many ways than one. I hope.

If you find this blog offensive, don’t click the adult content sign, read the disclaimer-or rather look at why you feel this blog is offensive to you specifically-might you have some insecurities of your own? Please if you are going to read the blog, at least understand it. Whoever left those comments, did not-I have a clear picture of who the two of you were. I love you both dearly. That’s right, even you ASSHOLE.
How would my Peers feel about this blog, was also in the comments? Who are my peers?

One peer who I value very much is a psychologist in their late 50’s, which reviews my blog, and continues to support me in work and on here-we all need a venting outlet in life. 

Another peer is someone very high up in one of the companies I work for, and they understand who I am and the work I do-and view this blog more as a comedy show-and I believe they like it.
I have some hippy humanitarians, which also support me in my writing, these people are the people who I look up too.
Doctors, policemen teacher’s advocators all support this blog-Is that enough for you?
Instead of being an internet TROLL, try to look at my blog in a positive humorous light and then you may actually enjoy it.
Signing off GVix


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