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Over the last few years I have subleased, my spare room over the summer. I am not easy to live with I will say that from the start. I can be needy and demanding, I can be uncommunicative and unavailable. I have habits like every one else.

I thought I would put that out there, because quite frankly I cannot contain the humor in 3 roommates I have had, that drove me crazy. Keep in mind I love them all,except Katy. I am still very close to them, and it would be wise that we not live together again unless it was a much larger space.

I will start with crazy Katy (fake name of coarse) Katy forgot to tell me she was Bi-Polar and just happened to forget to take her medication for the duration of her stay. Katy paid her rent, quite often picked up groceries and surprised me with dinner, was very clean, seemed to love my cat and dog. I never went into her space, because  ..its private. Sometimes she would be gone for days. I found this odd.

One day, I decided to peek in her door, I was horrifi…