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World Orphans

Project China has found a organization to work with for my fundraising project!!
Check out the link! and support today!
World Orphans

So This Is Christmas...

And what have I done?

The last 10 years I have hated Christmas. My kids were grown, always poor..I also typically work the season in group homes, sew and bake for all the people I care for.

My boys just really lost interest in Christmas and never made it much special for me. The last two years my young son would cook a huge feast, then the evening would be drinking and poker, and we would open our pathetic gifts in the morning. It has just been the shits really.

This year I have a list. The list will have all the things I missed over Christmas for some time. I did most of my shopping in early November so I would not find myself short over the holidays.

Many events over Christmas are religious.  I have never belonged to a church over the last 10 years because one, they make me cry when I go in them and two, I love an assortment of religions.

I follow the ways of Buddha mostly, "We create our own paths in life"  I love all sorts of community. This week I went back to my favori…