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Mr Mailman..

"Oh Mr Mailman..come ring my bell...I'll give you the sweetest milk that I've ever selled.."
How does one’s describe oneself? In my wise years I find dating....Ugh,  work. There was a time I spend allot of time on my hair, makeup, nails, clothes. I find that with my schedule I am exhausted to go to such extent.
So I hope that whomever is with me will be OK with the just me, and not all that other crap all the time. My profile is simply a wanted advertisement, and now that I have actually physically started dating I am bombarded with tons of questions.
Am I happy with myself image? I think I am youthful in mind and body and stay somewhat active. I have a fabulous ass, I know this because a friend of mine took a picture, and had it on his cell for a time.I look at my ass and think I have some cellulite on that puppy, apparently, its the shape of it that men like. Me and my one sister RR have it, it doesn't matter if we gain or lose weight, that ass is a bootee.
I watch…

Weekend Work

Sometimes I find work on weekends. Work for me, comes in the form of freelance make-up work, caregiver casual jobs, programs for youth with disabilities. I am quite resourceful actually. Some of the patterns of part time work really need to stop. It can't be about money anymore.

This weekend I was off to Nanaimo, to do Prom makeup for a friends daughter. I rushed from work to make the 3 pm ferry, I missed it. I was stuck at Horse Shoe Bay for 1.5 hours. I walked around the little village  The cutest thing I saw was a couple, just married. The Bride had a full gown on, and the groom a Tux. They were on a bench alone, eating burgers. laughing , cell was dead so I couldn't even ask for a picture.
Most times I enjoy the ferry ride.

This weekend was incredibly over crowded. I sat by the corner window, with my new book and would occasionally people watch. It doesn't matter where I go I always meet one person. I was sitting with a lovely world trave…