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Old Patterns

There is nothing worst than feeling like you've been in a uncomfortable place that you once were in past. I guess this happened after receiving a email that gave me some closure in the last 24hrs.

I truly believe that we are the creators of our own destiny, and things do not happen by luck or chance. We put ourselves in the places that are either good or bad. As we grow older we become wiser, and you learn from your experiences or you don't and you keep going around in the same circle.

I'd like to say, I have grown huge as a person, and can go with my instincts now. It is very difficult to recognize old pattern sometimes. Due to being hurt or years have past. remember that old saying
"you only remember the good, not the bad" Sure you can do that if it

Or you can remember the hell you went threw and the tears you wasted or time you wasted on a certain thing and you can become stronger and look at how you did or did not benefit from that situation.