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Hormonal Dysfunction Crisis

I watched two movies the other night, one was wanderlust, a couple joins a commune and believes in free love, Jennifer Aniston sleeps with a partner first, and the other guy(guy from the hangover) just botches his chances all to hell, and then realizes he can't do it, he just loves his wife to much..the movie was so funny I was actually laughing out loud alone, especially the part where he is gearing up to sleep with a women on the commune and he says " I'm going to take my large testicle and slam it in the vag, vag here I come.." he goes on and on..I busted a gut. The second movie was  a love story, two young adults..dam should not have watched that movie! It had the first petting session, make out session..and it was rather hot, and I thought Jesus Christ, when was the last time I actually felt like that? it was like a dam hour of torture till they fucked, and then it was shit, cause they were virgins..dam it. I want that again..kisses like strawberries and biting…

Spring Clean Up

A great Monk once told me, when  a person can truly understand death, they will understand Life..they will die with no pain, no suffering. This apparently means bliss. Recently I have seen death, the actual procedures the body goes threw when the body shuts down, I am still understanding this.

Sunshine Cleaners-watch it

So I clean it. I take pride in the task, and  I have to admit today was a little shocking to view at first. It is always quite interesting when the person in charge says, "here is the key, and gives a description of the maze in the building that I am apparently supposed to find. Clean the mess and voila, nothing happened. But it did.

There is that awkward moment when a looker passes and sees you. In a suit, with a mask, possibly caution tape.What are you? Do we have bed bugs? Hey are you the cops?."Hi,  Spring Cleaning, nothing to see" I was stopped in 7/11 today by two guards, "Trauma? you?" "That is one tough gig" I felt very proud…