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30DC Day 5

Well thus far its not going too well, I did a 2 hour walk..whoopee, Lameo.

I registered for a Nutrition Coarse today, quite helpful in many areas, I mean I was great on my diet quizzes ..regularly..but not recently. Some fun facts I did not know were awesome.

I also realized today I left the house with a tight see threw top that showed a muffin top. The weigh in was a 138lbs, this may seem small to people struggling with weight. However for me it is a drastic change, I have worked very hard to keep the diabetes in check and keep very fit and healthy and maintain a size 6, at a weight of 126.5 is ideal for me. I am at least a size 8/10 currently.

My heart n head has been hurting lately- ever since the move to Delta..and a few other things.
I remember after Sushi had her poop walk n cuddles, I d head to HillCreast Community Rec Center and do my workout and then hit main streets salad bar, or a health drink, reminisce with people I just saw at the gym, and sometimes walk home because it…