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Dating In Vancouver

Dating in Vancouver.. Well here we go!

I have been single for 2.5 years now, A year to heal and a Year to find Laura again, few very small relationships in between and I gotta tell ya -
I must be I joined a few dating sites, and a few single social stuff for singles..the whole shindig..
I had my perfect list deep set in my mind..and tried to view dating as a not so seeking another person , but seeking myself and bump into a match somewhere down the road.
My very first date with a online went great! attractive, cute..until he sent me photos of himself in latex the next day..The 2nd guy I actually fell for..It was a year of chatting..a dinner and a connection..after a few months I felt it was time he meet my fabulous friends..
He was 3 hours, got to the house..talked on his cell..I told him if it was a bad time-we could do this another time...he was talking to his X wife with his 4 kids that I was unaware of..
Most men on the dating line are intere…

Conversations with the Korean Laundromat Owner...A Old Journal Entry

It was 2007-The Year I was in the Basement ...

I Went to my normal crap hole laundry mat, this day however it was full, so I went 2 blocks down where I had seen another one. One painted yellow with a huge smiley face on the side of the building. In the last 10 years I have never had to use a laundry with my financial restrictions it has become part of my weekly routine.

I try to see this as an adventure, and time to focus on the space to fold, iron and take care of my cloths as before I would just throw a load in. I treated this new adventure like meditation, even if I saw the odd bug on the floor.
I asked the little Chinese man for change, his name is Mike and is about 65 years old, dresses very well and wears a cute little bow tie, on a good day he will wear a traditional golfing hat. I said Hi, you got some change? Big Smile...yous first times here? mi name is Mikie..All the change I wear in my pocket.I makes the music when I walk…haah… You come here now I give you berry g…



I don’t really understand how I got addicted to Starbucks, but somehow I did..I really think they put something in the coffee. I go to Starbucks 3 times a day, in the morning, noon and on the way home. I am a local, once I was voted Vancouver’s hottest single in the local paper, Georgia Straight. The staff at Starbucks posted it by the washroom on the pin board. “Meet our local single of the week” Nice by the can…Ghesh says a lot about what they say behind closed doors!!!

I took a few date’s there I had met over the internet, and the staff will always give me my coffee free on those occasions. My favorite barista will wait to see if the guy offers to pay, both times my dates did not. I get the look…
The next day, I will be sure to hear, Kay seriously he’s firkin out. Loser!!

The Starbuck’s I normally go to has the worst parking known to man, I have a little car and will anker my car sideways by the exit, this pisses customers off, there is like a 2 car space for them to go aroun…
Hi and Welcome to my Blog!

So after many shits n giggles from friends associates and family, it was suggested to me to start blogging..who would of knew I'd be so funny in my crazy ShenaniGans in life as we call it!
So where does one girl start? What do I think the world wants to hear?
The horrific dating tales local and abroad?
the tales of everyday life in work friends n more?
Or my personal views on just about everything?
A Poem, A Tale , A Trouble?
Or just about me?
Do Tell