Dating In Vancouver

Dating in Vancouver.. Well here we go!

I have been single for 2.5 years now, A year to heal and a Year to find Laura again, few very small relationships in between and I gotta tell ya -

I must be I joined a few dating sites, and a few single social stuff for singles..the whole shindig..

I had my perfect list deep set in my mind..and tried to view dating as a not so seeking another person , but seeking myself and bump into a match somewhere down the road.

My very first date with a online went great! attractive, cute..until he sent me photos of himself in latex the next day..The 2nd guy I actually fell for..It was a year of chatting..a dinner and a connection..after a few months I felt it was time he meet my fabulous friends..

He was 3 hours, got to the house..talked on his cell..I told him if it was a bad time-we could do this another time...he was talking to his X wife with his 4 kids that I was unaware of..

Most men on the dating line are interested in blow jobs n beer I find..the thought of someone actually asking you out on a date are slim to none...jave walk..lets friends first..well I drink 3 cups a day, hike 2 times a week and quite frankly I have 350 friends.

So I gave up on that for a while..Then I noticed I was the Bridgette Jones of every party, function or outing...there was a few nightmare set ups.."come down" we have the perfect guy for you..and he's like 50 and already divorced 3 friends must think I m desperate I think sometime!!

For me a man that is the age 36 to 42 is just right..35 is over the midlife crisis, have some style..and early 40's they have lived life a little bit, I look in my early 30's and sometimes act like I'm I think I'm pretty fun..apparently 40 is dead to men in my age selection..and then there are the younger ones..but I want a women with more substance and the older guys want the young dumb pretty thing....this is so they can do what they want, and all they have to do is buy a pretty little thing and there is no confrontation...its a lose lose situation.

When you give up you start to put yourself in the "Friend" what is that excuse to editly and safely fuck with no commitment???Or the guy says, well truth is I want are everywhere, fuck you can clone kids now..whats the deal with that? I love kids!

I am so frustrated, and think it is now time to live in a hut on a beach and talk to a rock!!
The last time I went out I was Standing beside a man that had a shirt that says I like bobbies and the guy beside him had Christian Bible camp..and then there was the guy dressed up, with white Jordan sneakers on..

Ok so it is intimidating that I have two grown sons that are 6'2, and still live at home, pay rent, and might subject you to some questioning....but have you seen the economy? yes I have two small dogs that might want to sleep at the end of the bed and watch us have sex..I realise these are scary traits I might subject you to...but I'm not all that happy about it either..its the way it is right now..its life

The fact that a guy puts on his web cam with no warning and shows me his penis, is not what I exactly call a good trait...or comes over to the bar and asks you to buy him a drink? what is that?

The best thing I ever did at a club to a bunch of vulgar men was send over a tray of shooters..filled with water...Then there was the time one of my best est friends came to town, there was this creepy dude , hanging by our table..drunk and not saying anything..she allowed him to come sit with us..he did the typical how yooou guys he was asking question's, she just started to pick her nose!!!lol with no expression, like it was positively fine..OMG, I am talking searching for gold here, no rub off flick.
The guy was, ya..well..looks's like your all busy , so I'm just gonna chill over there..
At the time, cause we were very young it was Hilarious..we laughed all night..oh the good times!!
That guy would have gone home and told all his friends about it, which in turn would of been the talk of the evening , very funny..
Now a days, women are snobby, selfish..and a good come on line..seems lame..pathetic almost-
Not much hope for the good guys finish last our there!

It is the world of texts n emails, this frustrates me beyond belief..a cancel is usually a text message, a I'm not into you is a email..what ever happened to confrontation? this is the source that makes life exciting..I would love to be a man and tell the storey of getting slapped in the face! Or then there is the long explanations while texting..WTF is that? If I chat for 2-3 times, and its going good-I'm gonna give my number-my unlisted un-findable number..
one guy told me I was too forward? HUH?

One of my best friend's (Male) told me he received a hate text from his girlfriend, I will do this I will do that..the last text message was that she had Herpes..who does that? I mean seriously!!

You can't hear the pitch in a voice or see the face expression in a text , it is today's easy way out.
The only purpose a text should be for is a dirty message while at work..directions..a address a meet up place, or a quick HI can I call you. A check in from a child or friend.

Are there any real men out there? I have heard stories lately about women too..A very good friend of mine took a women out to dinner, the whole time she talked about herself and then at the end didn't even thank him for dinner..all night everything was a expectation..what is that?

I think the women of Vancouver need to appreciate a nice dinner and the fact that amongst all the sea of taken men this single one choose you!

Raising two boys and working 3 jobs have made me hard working, independent and yes it would be nice to be treated like with respect for someone to have a real interest rather than a party in their pants.

Any words for thought?Please tell me your story!
Done Venting Now!
Love you all


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