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101 Nights

101 Nights...

I am not going to disclose how I obtained the hidden name Scheherazade..
A tale of a King who beheaded a 1000 wife's, and then was given Scheherazade. Scheherazade thought of a brillent plan; to keep herself alive, she would tell a tale, and at the end of each night left the tale yet the next night..she is known for her 101 tales of mystery, elicit sex and tales of adventure. I use the name, spelled dif ferently in some of my created emails, and use this also as a signature.
I feel my life is about to take a grand turn, professionally and romantically..

physically and mentally, and thus I will give you 101 Nights..
I cannot promise the tales of Scheherazade, but I can promise this, I may make you laugh, and ponder some of my absurd opinion's on topics, and my personal take on life in general.
So here we are on July 18Th

Day one:

Recently, I have had some sorrow, the turning point for me in the last little while, was a recognition of where I wish to be by next …