101 Nights

101 Nights...

I am not going to disclose how I obtained the hidden name Scheherazade..

A tale of a King who beheaded a 1000 wife's, and then was given Scheherazade. Scheherazade thought of a brillent plan; to keep herself alive, she would tell a tale, and at the end of each night left the tale hanging..to yet the next night..she is known for her 101 tales of mystery, elicit sex and tales of adventure. I use the name, spelled dif
ferently in some of my created emails, and use this also as a signature.

I feel my life is about to take a grand turn, professionally and romantically..

physically and mentally, and thus I will give you 101 Nights..

I cannot promise the tales of Scheherazade, but I can promise this, I may make you laugh, and ponder some of my absurd opinion's on topics, and my personal take on life in general.
So here we are on July 18Th

Day one:

Recently, I have had some sorrow, the turning point for me in the last little while, was a recognition of where I wish to be by next year. According to those crazy astrologers that I read in good fun, and sometimes faith, their was mention of the eclipse of Capricorn in July. Therefore..during this eclipse, certain signs will be affected in a dramatic manner, and will act out in forms of rashness, harshness and elevated emotions, the signs under this influence are of coarse Capricorn-Gemini, Libra and I forget the other one.

Libra, which is me, was affected at the end of June..go figure. So maybe this is why my life seems utter nonsense, when in fact..things are actually moving the way they should be.

Positives in my life are quite large; A great love was found all this year, introduction to new family and friends. My career, although very challenging, is setting me up for huge advancement.

My mind in thinking in terms of finishing projects, like my degree. My environment is changing to less and less...meaning I am getting rid of material items..for either a adventure or a grand move..money matters are healing slowly.

Things are less painful from the past, ownership and accountability are easier for me. I have been in the spotlight for beauty and romance all year.
The sorrows, were the lost of Tifa my little dog, my sickness and short stay in hospital, butting heads with environmental issues with my lover, realizing I need to leave my last child, and this being very hard to do emotionally, parents getting older...relatives live too far away. challenges at work. Lonelyness.
All of this is my warning..so tonight on day 3 of insomnia syndrome, I ponder..The first tale is about moving forward. In each tale there should be Drama, Adventure and some sort of Romance.

The above was the drama, the adventure..well, I was invited to sail on a boat without my partner present, who was teaching me to sail, when I had the chance to go..In my sleep I have had visions of me in the float jacket behind the boat without him there, to save me. At a sailing party once, I won a inflatable stick..I may have to take the stick..shit.
If I can actually make it on the trip, it will indeed be a bold move...I am all about facing my fears head on like a hammer.

I am the girl who would hitchhike to Alaska, with no cash. Talk to homeless people that are threatening..or take pictures(not kewl I might add) I am going to go, I may not make this weekend, due to friends coming to town..but I am dam well going to try.

If I am able to go on this adventure, pics and hopefully video will be added...just look for a neon orange stick in the photos in the water-that will be me.
Ahh, romance, well someone wants me to be a mail order bride in Australia..that's about as exciting as it gets. I made all my staff run out side today, to see a Philippine, slicked up man running in oil with his shirt off down Hastings street. I offered to play twister in boxers..that was it. I have 2 brass frogs posted on my cement wall out side the house door, they were in a incomprehensible position..which means, don't come in-I have company. My friend was on a date and sent me text messages threw the entire date..clearly I was more important, and loved dearly.

I am truly a romancer in life, that is for sure..maybe that is why when I am sad, I still smile..During confrontation.
When I am out, I am still social, when I am mad..people find me humorous...and when nervous I laugh. ..I think these are pretty good traits.

GVixen Signing off...

Adventure, Romance and Drama today..

My grand Adventure in Seattle is a bust..too complicated for this gal..
Rides, pickups all seem to be askew, we agreed the next race would be a better fit on a lil ol boat called Tintivity. My Adventure starts Mid weekend with a Photo shoot..request..
The rest is up in the air, but I am up for almost anything and intend to spend each day fully!
Traffic was a adventure today in the grand city of Vancouver with road construction, hot air and blow horns..

Romance...she has big brown eyes and loves me dearly, sometimes she stinks, but I don't care.
I was woken up with the usual wet kisses, and we spend a hour at the park gazing up at the warm sky.She is always happy to see me when I come home and even thou she doesn't do good at massaging my shoulders she makes a good cuddle buddy. Then there is Martian..the Tom of the town, he has the greatest conversation and recently has been having a threesome nightly with us.. OK..Its my dam cat and dog..I tried.

Drama...None surprisingly, and I like it this way, I love the fact that I have cancelled my voice-mail, so when staff call in, they can't leave a message and actually have to keep trying to give me a lame excuse on a hot day. I am not very compromising these days, when I have to work and am not enjoying my day outside.

I remember a time when I called up my boss and said, "Hi, I am taking a personal day" and he said, "Is everything ok?" I said, "absolutely, I just don't care to be at work today"Don't work where you don't want to be! I called the same boss, and told him, "It appears I drank to much last night and if I come in today, I surely will not be very pleasant to anyone, therefore, you can put me down as sick"
When I was younger, I just lied-I know ever lie in the dam book-and I can read it in a voice..lol

There are many days where I have not wanted to go to work to enjoy the day, however I know once I get there I can get threw it, because I love my job, and it will pay off later. I do hate my hours though.

I like the fact that I have decided I will not answer my home phone either, and have promptly turned the volume off, so I can re-group my life. I have absolutely no regret, and will most likely get back to everyone in due time, A much slower pace is what I need right now.

Today was very productive at work-many tasks and accomplishments, new staff is great as I get to meet new people and train, something I love!
Work seems to be progressing nicely, the better I do here, the better it will be for that 8-4 lifestyle, which is sure to happen by September.

Tale 99...Should bring Excitement
Until then, I bid you all goodnight


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