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Dysfuntional Journal-Weekly

I decided to wait till I had more material before putting this blog up-

It was a full week to say the least. I received a contract working at UBC, working with a specific child. The week was a delight! The school is high in academics and the first to have 85% of children not born in Canada. The classes are university classes, and at the same level.

I felt all week I had re entered university and I feel like a new person. I am learning politics(which up until now, I never had a interest for) I am basically doing all the work load the child is-this is because of the certain disability he has-Its exciting! I am also part of the sports- which includes this year, skiing, down and cross country, football, soccer- I am required to bring a PE Strip and wear my special name tag as well. Lunch is in the village and  its just enlightening to be there-I find myself entering my workday earlier, leaving later and taking the workload home as well-because it is all so exciting.

The weekend I decide…


Gvixen is back from Whistler Wishing you all a wonderful New Year!
Well, I did go to, I did not do the rave and thankful for it!
I ended up driving because of the Bare roads and my son joined me up there which was very nice! He was a horrible camera man thou, and well I think my camera has finally bit the bullet!
We had to cut the movie short missing the more exciting parts and only got one day in-The filming is horrible! More of a family little trip, rather than the fun party night I had! Sorry viewers maybe next time!
Hopefully I will be back with more exciting stories this year!
Gvixen Signing off!