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It is a New Season, without Reason...But hence not a Lifetime

People come into your life for a Reason, Season or a Lifetime
when you know which one it is you will know what to do for that person
when someone is in your life for a Reason it is usually to meet a need you have expressed

They have to come to assist that need, subconsciously, or expressed and to provide you with guidance and support.To aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually.

They are there for that Reason you need them to be
Then without any wrong doing or inconvenient time,
The person will do something or say something to end the relationship
Sometimes they walk away, they die..
sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand for what you feel is real
What we must realize is our need has been met, our desire fulfilled
the work is done and we must move on.
If it were for a Lifetime...
we would not be having the conversation of Reason...

Sometimes people come into your life for a Season, because your turn has come to grow or and always share.They usually give you an unbelievable amoun…

VPD Training

Just a thought..VPD, why not? I am a Community Service Provider in Mental Disabilities.
So I have seen some bizarre and odd experiences to say the least. Most of my work is in high behaviors. I am a female, minority. I have way to many certificates and physical training within the non violent crisis area, so why not, pay is good-part of a team..I get to go target shooting.
Something I loved with my dad, at the range.

So here I go starting, the probably 1 year process. So I researched more physical training, like I did with corrections. I decided I might as well take advantage of my company's corporate rates on Steve Nash, YYoga and Jazzercise. I went to the location of Steve Nash and they did "The Assessment"

"The Assessment consists of standing on a machine with hardly any cloths on that reads your mind and your body. We will call this machine DICK.
Dick says I am extremely dehydrated, so dehydrated I might as well be a lizard. I am in a good weight frame for athlete tr…

Love Affairs should last forever...

A man has been married for over 25 years, he has provided for his family, he is tired and worn and wonders where his life and dreams have gone..After work he decides to visit his Italian friend who owns the Bistro down the street, for perhaps...a cigar and a bourbon to contemplate life as he closes up shop.
"She is dead I tell you!" he says to his no , mi simple have to grab her by the waist look into to her eyes...and dance...

The man of 25 years marriage yells, you are crazy, why would I do something as ridiculous as that?She will just push me away and go back to her god dam cleaning or whatever she does..she scurries around all the time like avoiding me" I should just leave, I know I will leave her my last 300 bucks and be done with it, oh fuck my life to hell!

The Italian friend says, now you are really about the bullshit shit my friend..there is still time my friend, tomorrow you will take my best recipe you will cook for her for once in your life…

The L Word

GVixen has been dating for a bit, and its usually around the 2 month mark, that I either sabotage the relationship, or just plain run. I have been reading a book by two ladies called The Rules, I started the bock a little late, so I broke some of the, my goal was to see if a 1980's book with 1950's frame of mind still applies to the dating world here in 2010.
The ladies have some very good points-I have been following most of the rules with my current relationship and the book seems to ring true, however there are also some points that the ladies stat, if he does this....He's really not that into you.This has gotten me off kilter a little, as my guy has done some of these things..I dare not tell however.When I am done the book I will post a full detailed account, It really is quite interesting and its all based on The One, The big catch..and talks about all the little ones in between.
So far the relationship of almost 3 months is going good! I have vertically no …

What's New Pussy Cat?

Well been some time since I've written, or had any stories I felt worth writing about-
I recently moved from a massive house to a little two bedroom, so it has taken up most of my time. I love the area, its cute and Ive made it quite modern, however the 85 year old women upstairs likes to do the Indian dance at 4am-and wont answer the door.

I have returned to the dating world slowly, and had one rather good one! I posted that I had a good night on my facebook-yikes, spring is here-I have some suitors it appears-I was asked what was good about it, Many questions were asked whom this stranger,I have some faces definitely coming out into the woodwork-
The truth is the person is a average good guy, He is not part of the vancouver elite
he prefers simple things in life, hes not a George Clooney or Brad Pitt, probably a person that would never read my blog. He plays poker and races boats, loves to cook and has a bit of a tummy, watches old movies and has a wise soul. Big Brown eyes …

Scholarship Finished Project!

The meeting was held at Mainstream head office. I was excited because we had a guest speaker who was new to our association she was coming from Montreal, her name was, Cinthia.
During our meeting we went through the typical health and safety policies about how to make our residences safe and secure, energy saving costs, and new polices within our chapter.

Our guest speaker was going to introduce the “Can you dig it “garden ideas. Cinthia is the new director of this program and we were all excited to hear talk about her plans. The Can you dig it gardens is a community garden that we first started with our persons served in the community, with teachings and growth in developing a garden.
After training our persons served, they would learn how to integrate and tend to a garden into the community. Teaching being the nature of our program, we bring our persons served into community living, and invite the community into our lives.

Needless to say we were all very excited. Only a few selected re… not a dirty word

AMBITION...Is not a Dirty Word
So as I muster threw the hours of Olympic schedule’s, hoping this will be my biggest challenge in life and
Leave me a commutative mark on my resume, while still working my regular 40 hours a week in Mental Health; I am plagued with my passion of my creative side.

I had started a company, called Vancouver Vixens; the name is not an escort service! However when you Google it comes up as such. This was my idea of ambitious women who all hold personal businesses to come together as a sisterhood. The Vixens would support each other in Business and also in wellness,
Sports travel and weekly functions which would be brain storming tools to the future. I had a vast amount of ideas and a large database for years of working with powerful people, as well as trade shows,
Events the elite upper class and the world of arts. When my partner proclaimed she had personal problems, and I myself could not focus on my value and train of thought due to bringing home the bacon for …

Love Quotes

I see…
My hands are soo dirty, but clean
Oh my god, your hands are soo dirty yet clean..
And on my ass…oh my

I feel
"What day is today? "I say: Umm Jan 15th?
Yes Jan 15, 2010...TODAY IS GONE!
Happiness, embrace it, today is gone, it’s gone Laura
Be happy love it, love life…you are here! Alive well
Embrace it, do yoga. I am telling you, change your life I say: I know.."just be be love..when we are love all is good.."
I hear
Wankin..The bank had no real lyrics. No real rhyme
In my industry that is called wankin..Regardless talented and
Much deserving for a good review.

I feel
Hi beautiful, I love the hat, my friend like just picked up
These two girls see him, soo boring; please sit awhile, just as you are
Where are you from? I need to know everything about you.
Outside on cell later..
Hiii..Hi talking to my sister, come over get warm in my coat doll...
You are so little…

I hear.../see
We have been waiting for like 20 mins now; I think something is going on
Yeah, they are doing it i…

Im 57, Never Kissed A Girl

It all happened during the time of 74’
from maximum security, strait jackets and abuse.

Pictures lined up across the front page,
lawyers stated it’s such a shame, no settlement will be
horror stories stay in the mute, its ok no, one will get a suit.

The wards told us we had, nothing to fear, in an isolated room, just stay here,
the last thing they'd wanna do is hang around there...
They mostly come in long while gowns,
But one of the dozen was a hometown shame,
all you could hear was the keys on his chain..

I remember the Same pattern on the table, same clock on the wall
Freezing slow time away from the world
I’m 57 years old, never kissed a girl
I’m 57 and my name is Fred, and I ani't ever kissed a girl

We were sitting round table, heard the telephone ring
Heard the tap on the window in the middle of the night
Held back the curtains for fear of fright

See my friends got raped, some men got killed
some went to prison, I sure wish that man's buried on the hill

Folks went back…

Writers Riddle.....

The day the earth stood still...(C) was when I decided to make a haste exit to the boys room and jerk my junk for a few seconds..I was a HockeyVille in Terrace and about to meet some stars, do the good dad Samaritan act by getting a handshake or two...I heard someone come in, I stopped playing with the palm sisters and quickly pulled up my pants, to my surprise Shane O'Brian was in the bathroom, I peeked out the slot of the stall, "shit I gotta get a autograph!" I tried desperately to dry my hands on the toilet paper, and burst open the door to say my surprise the bathroom door opened too, and all the publicity paparazzi was standing their taking pics of me shaking Shane's hand.

The next day in the paper there I was with a shit eating grim shaking hands with Shane and a nice long piece of TP dangling from my hand! my neighbour came over the next day and said "Dude! shake it once that's fine, shake it twice that's OK, but 3 times dude you were defi…