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AMBITION...Is not a Dirty Word
So as I muster threw the hours of Olympic schedule’s, hoping this will be my biggest challenge in life and
Leave me a commutative mark on my resume, while still working my regular 40 hours a week in Mental Health; I am plagued with my passion of my creative side.

I had started a company, called Vancouver Vixens; the name is not an escort service! However when you Google it comes up as such. This was my idea of ambitious women who all hold personal businesses to come together as a sisterhood. The Vixens would support each other in Business and also in wellness,
Sports travel and weekly functions which would be brain storming tools to the future. I had a vast amount of ideas and a large database for years of working with powerful people, as well as trade shows,
Events the elite upper class and the world of arts. When my partner proclaimed she had personal problems, and I myself could not focus on my value and train of thought due to bringing home the bacon for my family let the company sit, and it still sits.

So here I am now, pondering a few ideas of where I’d like to be and what I’d like to do with it all.
I defiantly wish to write, and publish, possibly film. I defiantly want to do a showing of art that I have created because this is in my blood line. I also want a product line, probably in cosmetics, but also
That has to do with painting. Which I have been pondering a close friend to discuss further with.

Wow there is many I’s in there. Guess I have been thinking about myself. Not a bad thing just an observation. This is funny to me, because my working world is of the serving kind. Enhancing other people’s lives and creating change.

I have decided to change the name of the company and start with something simple. I think my first goal will to be to work in a team, as this always brings forth ideas and support. In past I had visions of public speaking to women and women putting forth as many ideas as I had, cashing in on corporate rates from travelling aboard and board rooms. The mission was, gut wrenching laughter and doing what you love to do! However still very much focusing on the plans at hand. When you have a strong support group
Everything is achievable! When you believe in your worth and refuse to devalue yourself. Great things happen. When you give back to community and lay your mark. Karma is great!

This is the stuff I think about, I envision myself writing about places and people, and most of the things that roll around in my head are in blocks of color, textures as my bio says. In my writings you will almost always find very descriptive words. Those paint the path to the canvas.

My son said to me the other day as I proudly wore my new Olympic uniform…I hope you know you are supporting a war. I agree the city has not looked at our less fortunate, has put out businesses and created a cash cow for them. I was offered a paying gig through my union; I felt this was a chance in a lifetime. I felt that this was to support our athletes. During the construction of the Olympics...
I too was stressed with road blocks, seeing mom and pop businesses close down.

I wanted to be a part of this gig for me; it is yet another worldly experience I can write about
Nothing more. Believe me this was no easy trade off, the schedule is intense, 40 or more hours. Sometimes 10 hour days. The place of check in changes weekly, which means you can expect to walk up to 5k to check in and then stand on your feet for 10 hours. There is nowhere to park, and transit will run in specific areas. Hence more walking. The pay is shit as well. The security to be part of this gig is intense, and to get through the clearance to be a part of it all is even more intense. We are given manuals weekly that are novel like that must be read. Our email boxes have a dozen changes daily.
Yet still, when you are there. Dressed in your smurf jacket. You are excited. All the athletes that have trained for years for this, seeing them rehearse and sweat and the excitement of the production lines. Makes your heart skip a beat.

Things like this are my ambition. The people of the world have landed on my doorstep and I am excited to see what they have to bring to the table. My next venture will be 3rd world countries. I see a SPCA commercial and am a mess for the whole day. I feel I need to understand what the world is doing, who is suffering, who needs change how can I contribute? Aren’t we all connected in some way? I always thought so. Otherwise how can I be creditable?

My first trip will be Japan and Korea, I think before my worldly quest some meditation and structure is necessary, and I have a friend there, who will welcome my stay , as well as put me to work. I may even help with some publishing ideas.

As my readers have probably noticed I haven’t written much, this is due to the schedule-
My next writing will most likely be after the Olympics. Please stay tuned.



  1. You are such a genius and what you have here is fabulous. It is really funny yet also very make me ask questions think. I love how you get it all together to make me understand what it is that you are putting out there.
    I am signing off with sending you the greatness you deserve and a large hugs from Daddy


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