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The Dating Game

Remember that show from the 80's? Very fun and funny! Here's a old clip !

It was suggested on Facebook that I go to the event, can't really remember from who, I actually did not know what it was, but hit the link. I received a email with a question are that was quite randy, and request for photo. I was chosen as a contestant. I headed down to the awesome little pub!

To meet the two hosts and other contestants, there were two sets, 3 women and 3 men. The host immediately ordered us martinis and shots and was just awesome to be around! Jeremy and David who are in Media of sorts have really hit a niche for making this little pub a great place to be, several events happen, during the week and this new show will be a weekly event. Tons of prizes and the date night paid in full from the club.
I had a blast sitting with the two other women and the 3 male contestants, we had a gorgeous 20 something shopaholic that follows the Kardashians   like a bible, another mid 20 something s…