The Dating Game

Remember that show from the 80's? Very fun and funny! Here's a old clip !

It was suggested on Facebook that I go to the event, can't really remember from who, I actually did not know what it was, but hit the link. I received a email with a question are that was quite randy, and request for photo. I was chosen as a contestant. I headed down to the awesome little pub!

To meet the two hosts and other contestants, there were two sets, 3 women and 3 men. The host immediately ordered us martinis and shots and was just awesome to be around! Jeremy and David who are in Media of sorts have really hit a niche for making this little pub a great place to be, several events happen, during the week and this new show will be a weekly event. Tons of prizes and the date night paid in full from the club.

I had a blast sitting with the two other women and the 3 male contestants, we had a gorgeous 20 something shopaholic that follows the Kardashians    like a bible, another mid 20 something single mom with a high profile career and me, "The older Women" I am pretty certain that these hosts were smart and read up on my comedic reviews and brought me on to the blog the event and have fun with it! I so did, the recording my friends did of me on there is horrible- why cant i just look like a movie star dammit!! loll
I met the bachelor after all was said and done,my pose was early motioning me that he was a dud and not my type whatsoever!
He was a late 20 something Italian, athlete from Iron man, health nutritionist and when I asked for his photo
he sounded quite arrogant and frankly not very intelligent. I told him his picture would be international, and he put on a cheesy smile. 
I am sure him and the winner will have fun with the prizes, classes on how to give good head, massage, dinner out- great fun!

Here is my horrible video!
I look horrible! lol

I highly recommend The Corduroy Lounge for any night of the week for fun and great staff, good food and amazing entertainment!

Thanks Corduroy Lounge for having me join the fun!

Signing off Gvix 


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