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Re Create...In Spring

You have to be willing to lose everything to gain yourself.
So..I will lose everything. Its not easy. Its not Drama. Its Re-birth.
These are just materialistic things, and although it seems drastic. It is not. Removing it from my actual lodgings is a pain in the ass, waiting for it to be taken is also painstaking.

I will be almost a backpacker. For one year. It is a choice. It is a wise choice. When I start over, it will be fresh.

I have lost some of the most important things in my life from 2012 to 2014, this current matter is no big deal.

I am following the footsteps of some very important people in my life. My closest friend in the lower main has led a great example on wellness fitness and health.

My other friend in the US instills that happiness is still possible no matter what. My Terrace BBF instills Family values and care. With these 3 people in my life including my sons and my mother ( the comical creative goddess) I can scrape away all that I thought was important in the past and m…