Re Create...In Spring

You have to be willing to lose everything to gain yourself.
So..I will lose everything. Its not easy. Its not Drama. Its Re-birth.
These are just materialistic things, and although it seems drastic. It is not. Removing it from my actual lodgings is a pain in the ass, waiting for it to be taken is also painstaking.

I will be almost a backpacker. For one year. It is a choice. It is a wise choice. When I start over, it will be fresh.

I have lost some of the most important things in my life from 2012 to 2014, this current matter is no big deal.

I am following the footsteps of some very important people in my life. My closest friend in the lower main has led a great example on wellness fitness and health.

My other friend in the US instills that happiness is still possible no matter what. My Terrace BBF instills Family values and care. With these 3 people in my life including my sons and my mother ( the comical creative goddess) I can scrape away all that I thought was important in the past and move forward with a new skin. 

Do you remember a time when you didn't know what you wanted to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be so many things! In my youth I was very creative, excelling in arts, sewing. It was evident at the time to go forth and be a make-up artist and fashion designer. A divorce and mental break down, lead to a career in mental health- I realized I excelled in care-giving of others.

The problem was I was not self caring of myself. As the years went forward to now, going up and down on a continual roller coaster, I realize some value things.  The more physically fit in several areas, and mentally  fit, meaning I enjoy nature and the outdoors, the water, gardening, yoga and leading a full life, I do better.

The upkeep of life in past I cant keep up with anymore. So as the new spring flowers bloom and

Easter slowly approaches, I have removed what I think is holding me back. All the material items, expensive rent, people who are not on the same page with moving forward.

All for one year.

A musician and dear friend of mine I wrote about in 2013, showed me all this is possible, selling off everything and making a conscious effort to walk (not drive) for a entire year to release his album and raise money for a walk in Nepal. I will be driving thou..loll I need my vehicle for work.

March 21 & 22 is my massive garage sale: All weather pending thou.  The listing is here:

I will be lodging with a dear friend of mine, and also staying in several homes over the summer house sitting and loving animals. When all is said and done a trip will be had,

I went down town with one of my friends last night- favorite area of town, and I realized all the things I miss that I love to do. The Arts and Culture, good coffee, there is no good coffee in Delta..loll

I looked into a space, called The Soho, bamboo floors, simple glass geraniums hanging, natural light- this is what I want when the time comes. However for now I think back packing and couch surfing will suit me just fine.

I have a private accountant that will manage ALL my money.  I get is a allowance. This is to ensure that I have the travel funds I need, and half is going to federal debt.

As it is happening now, I think this was something I always wanted to do for a long time. I have friends with pretty amazing places, and I have some house sitting gigs as well. I have two friends in remote islands off of Vancouver Island. House sit and maintenance.

Its a new adventure!

I leave this, never destined to be location, On June 30th- and am up for hire for any house sitting needs, including pet care in the summer. For now, I have a home away for home. Who knows maybe Ill become a American! fall in love with some dude and bribe him to get my green card..LOLL

I am not specifically saying where I am going, because it may change month to month. There is a few locations in the US that I will be at first.

After all the items are sold and I am securely packed up- there will no longer be media , I will not have Facebook, twitter, Linked In, IGoogle, or the 4 dating sites that I think my profile lingers on.
You will only be able to reach my travels threw Word Press, or you can reach me by email or Phone. This is a choice I have made. So you best watch for the info on here or Facebook, if you care to stay in contact. 

My first place of stay, I cant have my Martian..they are highly allergic- I am looking for a CareAid, Please read my ad below:

Seal Back Himalayan, very loving, does not claw furniture- neutered, up to date shots
indoor cat only, blind in one eye. Full papers, pure bred.
I am taking lodgings somewhere else for one year, I leave June 30th.
I am looking for someone who will love and care for my cat- I will provide all food and visit on a regular basis. I am looking for someone who preferably has no other pets and will play soccer and tunnel running with MarTain in their spare time. Someone who would enjoy a true companion for a year out of the kindness of their heart. I will not be giving away MarTain. If you have a small dog, MarTain loves dogs. He is clean and very affectionate, He talks allot. You must not smoke, you must be willing to have a relationship with me, because MarTain is my family.Please message me if interested.

It is a sad thing when someone betrays your trust as a friend. For Libras we can be mad for years.
A true friend is by your side in the worst and the best of times, they don't hide things and they defiantly do not talk about you, they talk with you. I recently had a friend do this, I have to say it has not been easy. If you don't know your friendships, things basically boil down to yourself. You end up forgiving this way to move forward, but never forgetting and fortunately some times removal. This was someone I had no intention of removing from my life. So it has been a very trying week.

Most of the true friendships in my life fight with me, tell me how it is and are basically with me when they sense I need it, and vis versa. My trust and the loyalty and respect was thrown out the window this weekend. 

I managed to get most of my house pillaged and had some great moments with people who aspire me to be at my best. Thank Gawd for that.

My Spring break much needed vacation is cut short, I will be going back to work in the am.
See how it goes, If I can't handle it- I wont do it. From now on I am not going to do something that leaves me a mess to fix for the next month. I will do the work I enjoy most.

Thats about it, stay tuned for TravelGurl In Van, 365 days. 

Gvix Signing out
Nite All


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